pyborg, simple extensible wiki

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Pyborg is yet another wiki. The primary goal is simplicity, content is stored in plain flat files. All formatting and markup will be extensible this will include even the most basic markup functionality (bold, h1, h2, etc...).



Related Projects

Seeborg - A C++ IRC chatbot

This bot will sit on IRC channel, learn what people talk there, and will periodically reply with a phrase that's generated from the talk it learned before. Usually the bot doesn't make any sense, but it's funny, and sometimes very hilarious. Seeborg uses a variation of Markov Chain algorithm for building replies. It's a C++ clone of Pyborg, originally written by Tom Morton.

Twittordrone - A learning twitter bot based on pyborg and pytwitter

See twittordrone in action here: Edit to change your settings; it needs at least your twitter credentials. It can learn from, and reply to, any or all of the public timeline, friends, followers, an optional news channel tweets directed to itself DM's. All of that is configured in @replies, DM's and news are replied to instantly. From all others, it takes the most recent unreplied tweet and replies to that. The download contains a y

Pyborgsm - PyBorg-SeisatsuMod

This is a fork of the PyBorg IRC Chatbot project, which is no longer in active development. PyBorg is a learning chatbot; it gradually learns to speak by observing IRC chats. While its responses are not always coherent, they are often hilarious. PyBorg-SeisatsuMod contributes bugfixes and new features to the PyBorg 1.1.2 source.


A Pyborg fork with additional features

PyBorg - Custom PyBorg AI bot - cutie578

Custom PyBorg AI bot - cutie578


Monkey Club borg, a chatbot derived from pyborg


NO LONGER MAINTAINED. An IRC to Omegle bot with a Pyborg bot builtin.


(CVS Mirror) PyBorg is a learning bot for IRC written in Python