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This project aims to upgrade the existed pyamazon wrapper library to the latest Amazon Web Service and give developers more control of the incoming data. It is the foundation of another project hosted in gelman.



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Again I was too late.. There are other projects in the meantime.. For example this from O'Reilly for EPUB etc. reading: - and a management one in Ruby... What doesn't mean that I won't start.. But I will start on new ideas first.. This time I didnt make the mistake and put my ideas online, where someone could steal them.. I put it up when its actually in a working state.. Its will be little tool built around Mark Pilgrim's great PyAmazon code, because I found


Py3AWS is a Python3 wrapper for the latest Amazon Web Service. It is forked from PyAWS.

pyaws - Local branch to implement ItemSearch using unicode keywords.

Local branch to implement ItemSearch using unicode keywords.

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