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ALSA wrapper for Python 2 and 3. PCM playback and capture, as well as the Mixer API is supported.



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Pysimplayer - Simple video player with pygame and pyffmpeg

pysimplayerpysimplayer is an example of use of pyffmpeg, pygame and pyalsaaudio to play videos with Python. pyffmpeg: pygame: pyalsaaudio: Pysimplayer es un reproductor de vídeos muy simple que usa pyffmpeg, pygame y pyalsaaudio para reproducir vídeos.

Rox-volume - A ROX Volume control applet and Mixer

Volume is a Panel Applet that puts a popup volume control in your panel. It is also a Mixer Application. It supports ALSA natively as of version 008. (for OSS and Alsa-OSS compatibility please use Volume-007 or older.) Requires Python 2.3 and the python alsaaudio module which you can get here. Releases009 (2006-08-06) Theme updates. 008 (2006-01-16) Converted from OSS to ALSA interface. Requires PyAlsaAudio module. 007 (2005-10-12) Options now editable from the AppMenu. New Icon 006 (2004-05-22)

Rox-musicbox - A Music Player for the ROX Desktop

FeaturesMP3, OGG, Flac, WAV support. ESD, Alsa, OSS support. Album Art display Drag and Drop adding of Songs, Directories of songs, and Playlists (m3u, pls and xml) Shuffle play (with cache so you don't replay songs too frequently). Seek control bar to zip to specific parts of any song. Volume Control Playlist filtering Translations: fr, it, es, pt_BR InstructionsExtract the MusicBox appdir and copy it to wherever you normally put ROX apps. Then launch it! Initially it assumes that you put all y

Volti - GTK+ application for controlling audio volume from system tray/notification area

Featuresno pulseaudio, gstreamer, phonon etc. only alsa is needed internal mixer application, but you can choose any mixer app you prefer left click opens volume scale (slider) scroll wheel on tray icon changes volume, increment in percents is configurable you can configure middle click to toggle 'mute' or 'show mixer' nice tooltip with card and volume info support for multimedia keys on keyboard support desktop notifications on keys events control volti from command line or bind keys within you