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PyAIML is a Python package which implements an interpreter for AIML, the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language.



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Stan-pybot - python irc bot with the dream to have true or simi AI

stan-pybot is an python program being made to better improve the idea of bots on irc the project is aimed to create an bot that can manage channels and even hold conversations and can gather info from many places ie: shoutcast,google,yahoo,wiki to better improve the usability it also well use wxpython files needed irclib ircbot Twisted pyaiml Optional Files well be two versions. one console and other wxpython. xpython all open source

Ichatbot - MSN chatbot written in Python by Hui Chen

IChatbot: MSN chatbot written in Python Python libraries used:Alberto Bertogli's msnlib Cort Stratton's PyAIML These libs are already included in the package, no separate download is needed. Prerequisite:Python version >= 2.2.2 fortunes and fortune-zh, both are optional by removing the line clist=[fortune, fortunezh] Windows Live ID (for robot) Install and runCheck out latest repository svn checkout ichatbot-read-only Open, change chatbot MSN

Pidgin-plugin-dbus-reply-robot-guru - a dbus plugin for fun ( autoreply robot based on key-value sto

Guru is a simple robot pidgin plug-in based on dbus interface. It consists of a key-value storage and an aiml engine provided by PyAIML. Copyright (C) 2011 maple ( ABOUT GURU guru is a conversational robot -- a computer program you can talk to. guru has only been test under ubuntu 10.04 + pidigin 2.7.11. GET STARTED (Source distribution) 1. Unzip the archive (you've done that). 2. Edit the guru.ini file to customize your own bot. 3. run "" in the main guru directory. ACKN

Aigor - Simple pyaiml spanish bot using google translator, festival and ALICE aiml files.

Interfaz en python para el bot ALICE que usa google translator para no tener que traducir los archivos de respuestas de ALICE y festival para contestar.

pyAIML - PyAIML -- The Python AIML Interpreter

PyAIML -- The Python AIML Interpreter

grokitbot - A PyAIML, Bayes and Twisted Python IRC bot

A PyAIML, Bayes and Twisted Python IRC bot

PyAIML-XMPP-Chat-Bot - XMPP chatbot written in Python. Makes use of PyAIML

XMPP chatbot written in Python. Makes use of PyAIML


A PyAIML, Bayes and Twisted Python IRC bot

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