Fast Python Xmlrpc Library

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An extremely fast implementation of the xmlrpc spec for Python (written in C). It supports both blocking and non-blocking clients and servers on Windows and POSIX platforms. Version 0.8.1 is 100% compliant with the validator.



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Nessusxmlrpc - Nessus XMLRPC Python Module and CLI

NessusXMLRPC is a Python module written for automating tasks within the latest version of Nessus. While the XMLRPC interface exposed by Nessus provides complete control over application state and configuration, I've implemented only what's needed for automating scanning and email reporting. The project also includes a rewrite of the Nessus command-line tool ( allowing you to further automate scanning and generation of summarized email reports. For details on how to use this stuff, plea


XmlRpc++ is an implementation of the XmlRpc protocol written in C++, based upon Shilad Sen's excellent py-xmlrpc library. It is designed to make it easy to incorporate XmlRpc client+server support into C++ applications and requires no other libraries.

As3python-xmlrpc-lib - actionscript 3 python xml-rpc library

AS3 Package: com.python.rpc.xmlrpcThe AS3 package com.python.rpc.xmlrpc contains classes for easy access of python services provided by python's SimpleXMLRPCServer implementation. The provided example is based upon tutorial: "Put a Flex UI on your application" by Bruce Eckel ( published at: \t\t\t Requires:AS3 package com.ak33m.rpc.xmlrpc.XMLRPCObject (Google code project: as3-rpclib), see Co

Mobilesensorserver - A python XML/RPC server for S60 mobile phones.

Current JAVA-based applications running on a mobile phone device can not access to all capabilities the phone has mainly due to lack of libraries. As specific sensor data on a S60 mobile phone can not be read or controlled with JME application-such as accelerometer data (if it is available), GSM data,etc-a python XML/RPC server is developed. The data are available of the server and a remote/local application can send a request to the server and reads the requested data. PyS60 (Python for S60 ser

Py4d - Python wrapper around 4dopen.dll

py4d is a little wrapper using ctypes around 4dopen.dll that allow python communicate with 4th Dimension ACI database server ( Actually it has been make for 4d 6.5.4 server using 4dopen.dll 6.0.6 Maybe it can work with other 4dopen version. It requires the 4dopen.dll and work only on Windows it also has a builtin xmlrpc server to expose function to the rest of the world (so you can call it from linux ;) ) and a sample code to use the xmlrpc server as windows service. How use i

Pysusestudio - Complete and easy to use Python wrapper to interact with Suse Studio web platform.

This is a Python library that works with the Suse Studio API. This libraries uses XML-RPC, that’s not necessarily good but I just thought it fit better in to Python since XML-RPC is part of the standard python library. The format that the API functions return is a nested dictionary, it might change later to something more palatable. Other features include a streamlined authentication process and an integrated upload method. Anyway, this whole library came to be because I am working on a Suse S

Pypingback - Small, robust Pingback client module

AboutPyPingback is a small Python module providing Pingback client functionality. One function that takes the source and target URIs, returning the XML-RPC string response in success, or raising one of a number of explanatory exceptions for fault logging. It tries to be robust in its handling of dead/broken web servers, unpingable sites, and URIs which should not logically be downloaded in full. FunctionalityXML-RPC server discovery through the X-Pingback header. XML-RPC server discovery fall ba

Pkaccounting - An integrated accounting application, with Desktop, Web and Mobile components

An open source accounting application with the desktop as its main platform, and Web and mobile components as addons. The desktop and web components are developed in Python, with the Desktop using the PyQt toolkit. The Web application will initially be created only for very simple report viewing, using Django. This is only for inhouse deployment. A webservice hosted as a mobile app is to be developed that would allow interacting with the inhouse database. An initial mobile app using the inhouse

Restpy - A RESTful distributed computing framework in python

RESTPYRESTPY - A RESTful distributed computing framework in python InstallPrerequists: twisted and twisted.web, please install them at Then % python install SamplesStart the server by % python samples/ server localhost:8888 Client runs at python console >>> import restpy>>> ps = restpy.reference('localhost:8888', '/persons/')>>> ps.get()...>>> p = ps.create(567)>>> ps.get()...>>> p.get()>>> p.update(name='Alice')>>> p.create(greeting='Hello')...or a

Python-blogger - A python wrapper around various blogger API

Python BloggerA python wrapper around the Blogger, Metaweblog, Wordpress, MovableType API Author: Ritesh Nadhani <> IntroductionThis library provides a pure python interface for the various blogging API. Currently, only Metaweblog and Wordpress are implemented but it will be extended to use MovableType and Blogger soon. Since Blogger has now moved onto GData API, this interface will internally use GData API rather then XML-RPC. Installing/BuildingSince this wrapper is just one P