Python RRDTool module

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py-rrdtool is a Python module provides an interface to RRDTool, the well known graphing/logging tool.



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Rrdfile - A Pythonic Interface to RRDTool

OverviewThe main goals of this project are to provide: a well documented, useful interface to RRDTool consistency across RRDTool versions at least 1.2 and 1.3 easy installation (no compilation due to ctypes) MacPorts Notes: port install py-ctypes (for python2.4 only) before importing rrdfile: import osos.environ['DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH'] = '/opt/local/lib'5 sets of functions are/will be exposedctypesNaming: identical to those in librrd: rrd (rrd_fetch, rrd_graph, ...) These are the functions used by

Rrdpy - Python RRD Utilities

rrdpy - Python RRDTool UtilitiesPython module and scripts to simplify working with RRD'sby Corey GoldbergRRDtool is the Open Source industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data. RRD stands for "Round Robin Database". It stores data in a very compact way that will not expand over time. RRDTool is a really good back-end for storing time-series data. If you are developing tools that need a data repository and graphing capabilities, this provides you both

Pyrrd - A Pure Python OO Wrapper for RRDTool

PyRRD Intro and Download PyRRD Source CodeSource code is maintained in bzr on, but a git mirror is now maintained on Google Code as well (formerly, the Google Code project used svn). PyRRD BugsPlease continue to use Google Code for issue submissions -- thanks!

Python-rrd-schema-parse - Parses an rrd file and attempts to recreate the original rrd schema

This python script tries to figure out the original rrdtool create parameters that were used to create a given rrd. It's very basic (handles only RRA:Average afaik) so don't expect magic from it. It expects rrdtool to be your path. Sample invocation: lmwangi@jaghpu:~/rrd$ python -f all.rrdrrdtool create all.rrd --start 978300900 --step 300 \\DS:a:COUNTER:600:U:U \\DS:c:DERIVE:600:U:U \\DS:b:GAUGE:600:U:U \\DS:d:ABSOLUTE:600:U:U \\RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:10 \\lmwangi@jaghpu:~/rrd$ pyt

Perfmetrics - PerfMetrics is a performance monitoring system for Windows. It collects, stores, and g

PerfMetricsSystem Performance Monitoring for WindowsPerfMetrics is a free/open source performance monitoring system for Windows. It collects, stores, and graphs performance counters from remote Windows machines. It uses WMI to collect server stats and RRDTool for data storage and graphing. A set of .PNG images is generated along with an HTML template for viewing reports: sample screenshot sample graphs Download:Latest Version: 1.001 (08/05/2009) - (for the very latest, chec

Pyrrdtool - Simply Python RRDtool binding.

This tool is a SIMPLE binding for RRDTool in python. It takes in arguments the "python way" and then runs the appropriate rrdtool command.

Quicklook - Quick Look collects system statistics and outputs pretty graphics and (X)HTML pages.

What is it?Quick Look is a package to collect system statistics and output pretty graphics and (X)HTML pages. It allows system administrators to have a quick look on the status of their systems, without going for a more advanced (and heavier) solution. Quick Look currently shows... CPU and memory usage Load average and process spawning rates I/O operations Network traffic rates Tracked network connections A static demo is available at Wha

Zenoss2 - Zenoss is an enterprise network and systems management application written in Python/Zope.

Zenoss is a powerful, integrated, easy-to-use IT infrastructure monitoring software product.* Zenoss provides a compelling alternative to:low-end commerical monitoring tools that provide limited functionality and scaleability (e.g What's Up Gold...)* High-end commercial packages that are notoriously expensive and complicated (e.g. IBM Tivoli, BMC Patrol, HP OpenView...)* Building an integrated, scalable open source solution yourself by pulling together many component projectsZenoss is a written