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A pure Python module that implements client side RADIUS authentication, as defined by RFC2138. This project has moved to GitHub. http://github.com/btimby/py-radius/




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Dhquery - DHCP command-line query and testing tool

DHCP command-line query and testing toolHistoryI needed some DHCP testing tool for my projects, based on FreeRADIUS dhcp code. dhcping had no DISCOVER packet handling, it couldn't do stress test and didn't allow changing request parameters. Also, I needed Nagios testing plugin for DHCP cluster testing. Featuresdhquery can send any common packet type, repeat it several times for stress testing or perform cycle testing: DISCOVER, REQUEST and RELEASE. Also it can work as a Nagios plugin. Requiremen

Straightedge - 2D polygon library for games. Provides path-finding and lighting.

PurposeA 2D polygon library aiming to provide path-finding and lighting using polygons rather than tiles. DemosJava Applet Demo Java Web Start Demo DescriptionIncludes 2 main parts: Path finding through 2D polygons using the A star algorithm and navigation-mesh generation Field of vision / shadows / line of sight / lighting The basic polygon and point classes are the KPolygon and KPoint. KPolygon contains a list of KPoints for vertices as well as a center (centroid), area, and radius (circular b

Ogmaps - Offline Google Map Builder

AboutI ordered a Nokia N800 a day or two ago, and thought "man, wouldn't it be nice to be able to use Google Maps around town even when this thing doesn't have an internet connection?" Well, a few hours and ~200 lines of code later: the answer is definitely "heck yeah". =P This tool downloads and builds a version of Google Maps that will run completely off your own system, with no internet connection, HTTP servers, etc. required, and uses the same web2.0 UI you're familiar with. If your device h

Chemopy - Development of chemoinformatics using python

The project aims at developing a chemoinformatics package by python. The following works are progressing ......1: A large number of molecular descriptors are being generated, including constitutional, topological structural, topological chemical, geometrical, CPSA, charges, quantum chemical, molecular properties, etc. Currently, about 1000 molecular descriptors can be computed by cheopy. 2: A large number of molecular fingerprint or fragments can be calcualted by chemopy, such as FP2, FP4, MACCS

Mdanalysis - A python library to analyze and manipulate molecular dynamics trajectories

MDAnalysis is an object-oriented python toolkit to analyze molecular dynamics trajectories generated by CHARMM, Gromacs, NAMD, LAMMPS, or Amber. It allows one to read molecular dynamics trajectories and access the atomic coordinates through numpy arrays. This provides a flexible and relatively fast framework for complex analysis tasks. In addition, CHARMM-style atom selection commands are implemented. Trajectories can also be manipulated (for instance, fit to a reference structure) and written o

Smuggler - Python library for accessing the SmugMug API

An idiomatic Python library or accessing the SmugMug (http://www.smugmug.com) API. It includes an API library that: Mimics the SmugMug API methods Does type and method checking client side Has unit tests for code integrity Takes advantage of HTTP caching Case-insensitve paramater mapping - use the case that suits your project Integrated SmugMug API help using Python docstrings It also includes an ORM wrapper around the API that: Treats SmugMug types as objects instead of collections of URLs Make

Camelotpy - CAMELOT is a semi-analytic model for gelogic carbon sequestration

From Monty Python and the Holy Grail LAUNCELOT: Look, my liege! ARTHUR: Camelot! GALAHAD: Camelot! LAUNCELOT: Camelot! PATSY: It's only a model. News16 July 2010: CAMELOT GUI, version 0.2 is released. The new features include scrollbar for the tabs, additional utilities to compute brine density and viscosity, and a tab for Area of Review calculations. 10 May 2010: CAMELOT GUI is released 13 January 2010: initial release of numerical engines OverviewCAMELOT is a collection of Python modules to mo

Django-admin-export - Generic Export to XLS on Django admin interface

Adds a global action to Django admin to export to XLS. FeaturesExport to XLS Export related fields (requires JQuery) Check off fields you want to export Use Django admin's filter for simple query needs Many to Many Fields, but not recursive. Still unstable, get from source to preview. Not ImplementedCannot save reports (that is the query, you can save the xls file of course) Cannot do advanced filtering (limited to built in Django admin filter) Requires either edit permission or custom view only

Pyneal - Python software for the real-time capture and analysis of fMRI data

PynealPyneal is python-based software to capture, analyze, and export fMRI data in real-time. InstallationDownload the latest Pyneal package from this page (link in the right-hand sidebar) Unzip and copy to a local directory on the machine that will be receiving the dicom files as they are reconstructed from the scanner To get the latest version of any of the source files, navigate to the Pyneal directory and type: >>hg clone https://pyneal.googlecode.com/hg/ pyneal or alternatively, go to the s

PyRadius - python radius server

python radius server