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Desktop-lyric-show - desktop lyric

desktop lyric show,support amuseplayer,gmusicbrowser. for amuseplayer Wiki For gmusicbrowser: just run for rhythmbox:just run

Pylywi - Various scripts to interact with including a PyWikipediaBot based bot.

Various scripts to interact with including a PyWikipediaBot based bot. Please report any bugs you may find. Featureslytag, a mass tagger that fetches lyrics from and saves them in the ID3v2 tag. A bot to transfer data from Discogs to A bot framework to upload lyrics to from various sources. Some generic bot actions. RequirementslytagZSI Soap library (tested with version 2.0). eyeD3 Tag library (tested with version 0.6.16). Warning: Please

Py-lyric-retriever - a tool to retrieve Japanese lyric

What is pyLyricRetrieverpyLyricRetriever is a tool to retrieve lyrics from Japanese lyric sites. Support SiteCurrently pyLyricRetriever supports ����� Uta-Net 歌詞ナビ 歌詞GET Yahoo!ミュージック - 歌詞 歌詞タイム イベスタ歌詞�る アニメソング�歌詞�ら�������? UtaTen LyricWiki

Pylrc2srt - A python script can convert .lrc to .srt

Just for try Usage: ./ lyrics.lrc 100 here 100 is 0.1 second , meaning the interval between two sentences is 0.1 second Need Python 2.6+ Suggest Python 3 --> I love it :D

Exposong - ExpoSong is a presentation software with a focus on Christian worship settings.

SummaryExpoSong is a worship presentation software. ExpoSong's features include image, lyric, and text presentations, image, gradient backgrounds, schedules, on-screen notifications, show logo, and more. ExpoSong was started in January of 2008. You can find more information on Similar ProgramsWe'd love to think that we're the best of the best, but we're still young, and may lack some features you require. Here's a list of a few alternatives, in hopes that you'll check back on occas

Client175 - Yet another frakking MPD Client.

Client175 is a full featured MPD web client that provides all of the functionality of a desktop application in your favorite web browser. It was originally named ExtMPD, but I recently found out that the name had already been used. This is, by my count, the 175th client written for MPD. We ran out of catchy names a long time ago, and in my frustration I decided Client175 is the only reasonable name at this point! The current version supports all the basic features you'd expect, including tag edi

Winfiles60 - WinFile - A powerful Symbian S60 filemanager written in PyS60 language

WinFile - A powerful Symbian S60 filemanager written in PyS60 language print "Welcome in the WinFile world!!"return "Thanks!"IntroductionThis is a great filemanager (for me, well not surprising :=) ) not only for file management but to quick play audio files and see my pictures :) (I have to say that for hex editing and quick in-use-file copy I still use X-Plore and the great Fexplorer, the first and the most easy). I think there's not a perfect software with everything you need, but why don't u

Exaile-cn - 让Exaile更中国化�易于使用

Exaile-cn项目介�Exaile-cn是一个对Exaile进行扩展的项目,通过对Exaile进行扩展,使Exaile功能上更加丰富,更加符�中国用户的使用习惯,给国内Linuxer�供一个更加本土化的播放器. 注�:因个人原因,exaile-cn暂时�止开�安装方法:注�:Exaile-cn现在�支�Exaile0.3.2.0,如果你的Exaile�是0.3.2.0,�能会无法正常使用。 先�行whereis exaile,查找exaile的�置,下��设exaile�于/usr/lib/ex


Python script making use of LyricWiki ( to pull lyrics from the web from the commandline