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ICQ clone written entirely in Python. Uses OSCAR AIM protocol instead of native ICQ protocol, as well as icq2000b does. Many GUI frontends supported, but native one is Tkinter-based.



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Pyicqt - ICQ transport for XMPP

Howdy, and thanks for your interest in PyICQt! The purpose of this transport is to provide a way for users to be logged into ICQ via their Jabber account. It is implemented in Python, using the Twisted framework. This project has gotten fairly mature since it's start. However, there are still a lot of qwirks here and there to work out. Don't be afraid to submit bug reports, feature requests, or to post general questions either on the following: chatroom:

Pymisron - pyMisron - Uses icq gateway to send sms using the icq server.

pyMisronWhy to use a gateway and not connect the icq servers? because this way its possible to use the limited free gprs/wap connections which allow connections to http ports only. Why to use a tool and not the web browser and use an some php page ? because the tool will let you choose a number from your contacts. current gateway used is that gateway is scripted in a way only numbers in israel will work. sorry for the other for now. i'll upload a gateway somewhere later. if so

pyicqt - PyICQ-t ICQ to XMPP Gateway

PyICQ-t ICQ to XMPP Gateway

PyICQt - Python ICQ Jabber transport

Python ICQ Jabber transport

PyOSCAR - Python OSCAR (ICQ) implementation

Python OSCAR (ICQ) implementation

PySIP-t - Jabber SIP transport (at most text messages). Based on PyICQ-t.

Jabber SIP transport (at most text messages). Based on PyICQ-t.