Py-airfoil - An simple airplane simulator written in python and C++

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AboutThis is an attempt at creating a simple simulator for modelling the behaviour of an aircraft in 3d space. The aim is not for ultimate realism but to create something that 'feels' like a aircraft. It makes use of the following 3rd party libraries: pyglet : provides access to OpenGL and allows reading the keyboard pyeuclid : provides 3D math classes Duncan Casey's FractalTerrainMesh Generator : terrain generator so that I can focus on the simulator rather than the graphics for the moment Eigen : the C++ math library InstallationOn Ubuntu Linux you need the following packages installed: g++ mesa-common-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libglew1.5-dev These can be installed using the command 'sudo apt-get install package'. You must first install pyglet. Download the pyglet source distribution. Run 'sudo python install'. Download the source Change directory to the py-airfoil directory. Since the project includes c code it must first be compiled. This can be done by running the python install script as follows: python Run it as follows: python



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