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PXES is a Linux micro distribution that will convert (or recycle) in minutes any compliant hardware into a versatile thin client capable of accessing any Unix/Linux XDMCP server, Microsoft Terminal Server through RDP protocol, Citrix ICA server or VNC se




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Openpxes - OpenPXES Universal Linux Thin Client

OpenPXES (also known as OpenPXES Universal Linux Thin Client) is a micro Linux distribution and associated tools for building thin clients. It is mainly used to boot (diskless) workstations over a network using PXE but it is possible to boot PXES from a CDROM or hard disk if the NIC or BIOS do not support PXE. The configuration is made with an easy to use graphical tool which guides you through the required steps.OpenPXES is based on PXES (created in early 2001 by Diego Torres Milano) which acco