PXE Client and Server Samples

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Provide working sample implementations of PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) client and server software. Project has moved to: http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/pxe-toolkit/




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Cold Metal

A Bare Metal Universal Provisioning Toolkit supporting Redhat/anaconda and Solaris(PXE and Sparc) OS Scripted Installation and Post-Install provisioning, hooks into existing OS tools and extentions. Focus is on automation for turn-key installations.

Ubuntutrinux - ubuntu ramdisk creator toolkit

What is it?Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit was a ramdisk-based Linux distribution that was under active development from 1998-2003. This new project (i.e. ubuntutrinux) seeks to integrate elements (and code, where appropriate) of Trinux with the Debian/Ubuntu mkinitramfs infrastructure to allow easy development and packaging Ubuntu binary (and ultimately package and repository) compatible ramdisk distributions using recent 2.6.x kernels. As before, the most common use is network security monito

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