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PWebs is an HTTP server written from scratch in Python. It uses threads to serve connections and it featuers the basic aspect of HTTP/1.1 (GET, POST), directory listing, support for CGI/1.1, Php (via CGI interface), log system, flexible cofiguration sy



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Projeto-pweb-2010-1 - Projeto da disciplina PWEB IFPB 2010.1

Projeto da disciplina PWEB IFPB 2010.1 Comércio Eletrônico Grupo: - Manoel de Albuquerque Lira Amaro - Omar Scher Ramalho

Igpweb - infogames

Loja eletronica projeto de PWEB

Jurisadvocacia - Projeto de pweb

Projeto para a ultima nota de pweb


Pweb-cyradm is a web based administration tool for cyrus-imap, to do the tasks of cyradm. It is a rewrite of web-cyradm, it is written in perl.

Bdnc2009-2 - Projeto de Banco nao convencional e PWEB

Projeto de Banco nao convencional e PWEB, para o IFETPB

Condominius - sistema de controle de condominio

Sistema de controle de Condominio, para disciplina de PWEB


A simple Java multi-threaded Web Server that supports HTTP/1.0 protocol.It mainly meant as an educational example.