JavaScript interface to PicasaWeb Albums

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Display photos and videos from Google's Picasa Web Albums in your own website, dynamically. Simple drop-in implementation -- just add two lines of code to your existing website. Display photos from Picasa Web albums on your own website today!



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Pwaplusphp - PWA+PHP - Public and Private Picasa Web Albums on your site using PHP and Lightbox.

IntroductionPWA+PHP is a lightweight solution for displaying your private and public Picasa Web Albums on your site with PHP and Lightbox. Installation is simple, there's no backend database and the Picasa web interface acts as your admin dashboard. BranchesThere are two branches of this project, the Wordpress Plugin and the Standalone Code both of which: Embed all your public, private and unlisted Picasa web albums on any website Group, filter and display albums or photos keywords in the album

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The Lega library provides the basis for building web applications, including personal web applications (PWA). Lega applications are built around the following: a design which encourages/requires developers to think in terms of HTTP (e.g., REST style, verb+resource), an application-specific list of URI paths (matched by regular expressions) and associated handlers, the base Lega resource handler which is designed to take care of much of the heavy work of HTTP communication and is the basis for al

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pwa-uploader is a GUI tool for upload your photos to Picasa Web Albums.

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The Portuguese Web Archive (PWA) main goal is the preservation and access of web contents that are no longer available online. During the developing of the PWA IR (information retrieval) system we faced limitations in searching speed, quality of results, scalability and usability. To cope with this, we modified the archive-access project ( to support our web archive IR requirements. Nutchwax, Nutch and Wayback’s code were adapted to meet the requirements.


This is a small Joomla 1.5 component which provides you the ability to add your Google Picasa web album to your homepage. This component is based on Jesse Berman's JavaScript which you can get at