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PacWars2 is a free multiplayer internet action game. This game uses SDL library, ParaGUI menu system, SeeR scripting engine, Mappy editor, client-server internet networking, Quake style console and variables, 3D sound (win), standalone dedicated server.



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Pw-emu - PW Emu

Server-side emu project. Developed with Visual Stuio 2010 Beta 2, C# and .net 3.5 under Mono 2.4 framework profile.

Quake2d - Quake 2D

'Quake 2D' multiplayer game. Lab project on Warsaw University of Technology.

Pw-shaderspider-2-source - ShaderSpider 2 | Source

Open source version of the popular material room helper plugin for Poser.

Passmakr - CLI tool and Ruby Library for making passwords

Note: The code for this project is now on github. A simple Ruby Library to create passwords that are pseudo random, really random (based on /dev/urandom) and phonemic. A CLI tool is included to demonstrate the use of the library. A simple use case for this library could be: require 'passmakr'require 'pp'pw =, 8)pp pw.password{:rot13=>"trrtrrFb", :crypt=>"qmRSIJG2fy7Yg", :string=>"geegeeSo", :nato=>"golf echo echo golf echo echo Sierra oscar", :md5=>"$1$NwZQhCce$sBvOWjLEVOj

Pwh312 - Perfect World H

Install this if u get .Net framework X.X error : PWH Chatbox pwh312.chatango<2><.><2:0>com Colorful wordsss : BLUE(GUILD) : <1><WATuWANT2SAY><1:0> GREEN(TEAM) : <2><WATuWANT2SAY><2:0> note that there is a invisible blank b4 <1> or <2> copy it too Alt+43681 Image Uploader: www.image-share<2><.><2:0>com EmoIcon Spam(up to 6~8): <0><><0:

Protobuf-for-node - Protocol Buffers for Node.JS

Protobuf for Node adds idiomatic protocol buffer handling to node.JS. It is actually two things in one: firstly, you can marshal protocol messages to and from Node byte buffers and send them over the wire in pure JS. Secondly, you can use protocol messages as a native interface from JS to C++ add-ons in the same process. It takes away the details of the V8 and the eio threadpool APIs and makes native extensions to Node much easier to implement. How to useTo read/write protocol buffers, protobuf

Picasa-popups - Popup Picasa Web albums on your website

On my website I needed simple text (or image) links which can pop up a browseable Picasa Web gallery. The solutions I found online were either using PW's built in flash slideshow or required all the thumbnails to be displayed on the page itself. So I ended up writing this little javascript which does the job. It was inspired by pwi ( and it's using jquery slimbox ( to display the popups. It's pretty much in a beta stage, however you

Galleryscript - A Galleryscript written in PHP with pw-protection and without SQL - simple to use!

The IdeaThe idear was to code a galleryscriipt that can easily be modified from an standard user and works only with php/css and without sql. Of course you must set some fileright to the server in adition to use the sript ;-) ImplementationThe script searches a path (optional subdirs) for pics, given by the user - create thumbnails (optional resizes the original pics for better performance), sort it by date and display it. The date of the pics will be searched in the metainformations of the pics

Zi2 - A Ruby on Rails engine for bulletin-board based website

게시íŒ�형 웹사ì�´íŠ¸ë¥¼ 위한 루비온레ì�¼ìŠ¤ 엔진 (A Ruby on Rails engine for bulletin board based website) 주요 특징(Features)Rails 2.1 기반 설치 후 간단한 설정만으로 바로 사용 기본 SNS 기능(지ì�¸ë§ºê¸°) 오픈아ì�´ë”” 지ì›� 설치(Installation)svn checkout your_app_name cd your_app_name rake db:migrate rake test rake secret으로 secret 키 ìƒ�성하여 config/environment.rb ì†� secret키값 변경 ruby script/server ë