Program Version Syncer

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pvs checks for updates to programs via ftp or http and downloads them. pvs is smart enough to only download the patches to the programs if they are availible.



Related Projects

Mediocre Chess

Mediocre is a Java-based chess engine, implementing features like LMR, SEE, history and killer moves heuristics, transposition tables, internal iterative deepening, PVS search etc.


pvs server

Pvs-lisp - PVSLisp is a new implementation of the Lisp programming language on the .NET Framework 2.

PVSLisp is a new implementation of the Lisp programming language on the .NET Framework 2.0.

Magnumchess - UCI Java Chess Engine

Magnum ChessUCI Java Chess Engine with the following features:magic hashed bitboard move generation pvs alpha beta search transposition table pawn hash table eval hash table quiescence search iterative deepening


Hosting home-made software which is mathematically proven to be correct. We make use of tools like HOL, PVS, ...

Groovy-matrix - Matlab-like matrix data structures for Groovy, Scala and Java

This project aims to provide easy-to-handle matrix and vector data structures for Groovy/Groovy++, Scala and Java (Java is also "the backend" for performance reasons). The handling of the data structures is very similar to MATLAB-arrays. Especially, the data structures provide easy inserting, deleting and modifying of parts of a matrix, and indexing of subsets (e.g. via lists or matrices). Additional functionality (not found in Matlab) includes the ability to label and reference elements of each

Vascalc - Measurement of sclerotic index (SI) and perivascular space

Software DescriptionThis program was made to simplify the analysis of sclerotic index (SI) and the size of perivascular space (PVS) in the brain. After measureing Dint, Dext and Dpvs by drawining n lines, the program automatically calculates mean Dint, Dext, Dpvs, SI, PVS, luminal area and vessel wall area. SI = 1 - Dint/Dext (normal 0.2-0.3) PVS = (Dpvs/2)2Ï€ - (Dext/2)2Ï€ Dint: internal diameter of a blood vessel Dext: external diameter of a blood vessel Dpvs: Diameter of a perivascular space

Model-analysis-framework - This research project seeks to use compiler techniques to perform an attr

Model Analysis FrameworkDescriptionThe Model Analysis Framework (MAF) project provides a powerful analysis tool for (meta) models built upon the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). It allows to perform data-flow analysis (DFA) on meta models which can be defined using Java directives or an extended OCL syntax. The framework will then instantiate and evaluate the custom analysis directives for arbitrary instances of the meta model. Use cases include but are not limited to the computation of the cyc