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Pushup is very fast, efficient and simple HTTP streaming (also known as COMET) daemon. Basically, it allows you to call javascript functions directly in user browser in RPC manner.




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Starshippushups - Starship Pushup's est un jeu de vaisseau en ligne.

Starship Pushup's est un jeu où le joueur contrôle un vaisseau et tente de tuer les adversaires dans une partie en réseau via TCP/IP.

Diewland-quick-code - Distribute @diewland code

Releasebatch Android ADB batch (sdcard) backup for Windows google chrome extension molo.me for Twitter.com v0.9 molo.me for Twitter.com v0.8 market Screen Flashlight android 20110808 Smile Jobs 0.9 20110723 <mod> SlideScreen 1.27 - Thai font 20110723 LauncherPro Icon 0.1 20110720 maiserious 0.5 20110526 SMNews 1.2 20110526 OX Champion 1.2 20110526 PushUp 1.2 20110526 Flashlight 1.2 20110526 Calendar TX 1.2 20110526 2Backs 1.1 20110520 Flashlight 1.1 20110518 Flashlight 20110511 2Backs 20110502 S

Nhundredthings - An Android pushup routine tracker

A simple application to provide a pushup and situp tracking routine with and interface designed to count reps for you when you touch your nose to it during your pushup. Originally based on the 100 pushups program. Allows for all 6 weeks of the 100 pushup and 200 situp training program. Complete with tests to put you in on the right level and a resting timer. Now in the Android Market DescriptionThe project started as a 100 pushup, 200 sit up, 200 squat tracker so that's why it's named n-hundred

Push-it - Push It! One button stopwatch

Push It! The one button stopwatchPurpose/ideaSoftware availabilityFeaturesScreenshotScreenshot explanationExamplesPush-upFor further readingPersonal comments Push It! The one button stopwatchPush-It! The one button stopwatch. Push-It should help you doing physical exercises or can serve as a simple stopwatch. Besides being a stopwatch it also provides some calculation (delta/average) and customization. The latest maemo-builds can be found here. A more detailed description can be found here. And

Weaktally - Tally up how many &quot;X&quot; I do in a week

Idea is for pushups, krunches and minutes of prayer. consolidate after each week into a week view. the idea is to just easily record a number and the current datestamp, and an average, that sort of thing.

Fit-at-work - Get fit while working

The aim of this project is to create an android application that reminds people to exercise while at work. The application will send notifications at desired intervals, notifying the user to do a random exercise, like for instant do 10 push-ups or walk for 2 minutes.

Hundredpushups-android - the hundred push ups training program

01.06.2010 Yes. Interface translated to English. Send me issues and translate corrections. If you're serious about increasing your strength, follow this six week training program and you'll soon be on your way to completing 100 consecutive push ups! Based on http://hundredpushups.com/ Ру��кий:Важное замечание�а данный момент реализовано около 60% (09.03.2010) функционала программы. Программа будет иметь Р