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making notifications and sending push notifications easier




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Monitor contexts and context relations in complex SW stacks

Pushn - A simple python script for sending push notifications.

A script meant to be used as a command-line tool to send push notifications using Prowl. (See http://bit.ly/Prowl.)

Apn-pushproxy - HTTP proxy for Apple Push Notification Service

Web proxy for sending iOS push notifications on servers with no raw socket support (Google App Engine). This project is developed as part of Apphance.

Mjosoft-apn-service - MjoSoft-APNService

Java library for easy integration into the Apple Push Notification Service in a Java application. Maven: http://download.java.net/maven/2/be/mjosoft/MjoSoft-APNService/

Zend-framework-push-notifcation - This App Aware project aims to develop a Zend Framework component

This project contains code to communicate with Apples Push Notification Service (APNS) over PHP5 with Zend Framework. Therefore we have developed a Zend Framework component and setup for stable and reliable APNS communication. Using APNS it is possible to push for example messages and sounds to any iPhone or iPod touch device which has installed an App you've developed.

Php-apns - PHP Apple Push Notification Provider

A set of PHP scripts (to be run as services) to send Push Notifications using Apple Push Notification Service. For requirements and instructions, please see http://php-apns.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/README .

Japnsclient - Java client to Apple's push notification service

japnsClient is a small Java command-line/library client for interfacing with Apple's push notification service. The main goal of this project is enabling developers to get push notifications running in less than five minutes. Getting started with the command line client

Shub - SHub (Social Hub) - a social hub for Android platform

SHub is an attempt to improve the communication aspect of the android platform reducing the efforts usually needed to produce network code across applications. This project aims to provide a reliable XMPP based service (using asmack) that will be used by android applications through an API to receive push notifications of everything (chat, mail, social networks and rss) using a mix of open technologies. The service client talks with a Xmpp server that provides services through a mix of XMPP/pubs

Gwt-coinche - Jeu de coinche en GWT

Développé principalement pour tester la mise en oeuvre de différentes techno web : GWT GXT Guice GIN Push/Notification à la "cometd" ApplicationMis à part les annonces, le jeu est pleinement fonctionnel : Coinche, surcoinche Sans at', Tout at' Il a été testé sous tomcat 5.5 et jetty 6, avec Safari, Firefox et Google Chrome. Il n'y a pas de gestion de persistence, toutes les parties sont présentes en mémoire. De plus, les notifications pushs n'utilisent pas (encore) de requêtes asynchr