Pushbutton Linux

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Pushbutton Linux is a suite of scripts and programs that brings a pushbutton menu driven touchscreen environment to the non-technical user to do common computer tasks reliably with a simple easy to understand interface.




Related Projects

Wireless Attack Toolkit (WAT)

A push-button wireless hacking and Man-in-the-Middle attack toolkit

PushButtonEngine - The PushButton Engine, an open source Flash game framework.

The PushButton Engine, an open source Flash game framework.

Redbuttonengine - PushButton Engine translated into Scala, primarily for use with Red5.

A port of the AS3-based PushButton Engine to Scala. My motivation is to have a component-oriented, server-side engine for PBE game clients. I'm using it with Red5 at the moment, so it gets named RedButtonEngine. Despite this, there's not really anything Red5 specific required. It will probably be pretty hobbled compared to PBE until much time passes or I get more hands on deck.

Turksurveyor - An experimental platform designed for running surveys (and survey experiments) on Ama

We would like to introduce "TurkSurveyor", an open-source experimental system designed for running surveys (or survey-based experiments) on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. TurkSurveyor is written in a mixture of Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, and Javascript and is available under the MIT license. It also includes an instruction manual in LaTeX. The goal of its development is to have a simple push-button system which allows one, with a minimum of customization, to use MTurk to collect data for a custom su

Macaroni61 - Microcontroller development platform for ATtiny861

the plugThe Macaroni61 dev board is aimed to provide easy task automation via the PS/2 serial interface. It will be capable of flashing code, and accessing data from the SD card. The PS/2 link will allow the Macaroni61 board to output info to any PC text program, as well as control software through hotkey/macro sequences. A separate PS/2 port will allow data to be input to the ATtiny for both relay and macro functions. features to include:-ATtiny861 in socket -3 hardware pushbuttons -two program

Analog-tutors - Analog Op-Amp Interactive Tutorials

Analog Tutors Interactive Progress Log 27 March 2010 An Attempt to make Op-amp Simulation in JavaScript. 28 Mar 2010 Made the GUI Two Sliding Potentiometers and a mV source. The tough part is the Ramp-up and Ramp-down of the push-buttons. The rest is easy. But this is where i may get stuck. 29 Mar 2010 It works, not bad, i managed to Make the millivolt source ramp-up and ramp-down. I had to use the Force. 30 Mar 2010 Completed, no bugs so far. I am now a JJ Javascript Jedi. Onward to Ajax. 1 Apr

Pushbutton-tasks - Task components for the Pushbutton engine

Adapted the Task system from Tim Conkling's (Three Rings Design) Flashbang game engine for the Pushbutton engine.

Pushbutton-ooo-extras - Pushbutton components developed and open-sourced by Three Rings Design, Inc.

Pushbutton components developed and designed by Three Rings. These include: pushbutton tasks isometric components wrapping the as3isolib library. other useful components

Snakedick-games-flash-tools - Variety of tools for producing flash games used by Snakedick Games

The libraries here are mostly ActionScript 3 and related to PushButton Engine. PushButton engine: http://code.google.com/p/pushbuttonengine/