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Purple bot which is an auto message robot with using predefined keywords to reply to buddies who are in pidgin's contact list.




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Spacehamstersbot - A bot to assist in playing the game SpaceHamsters.

NOTE: This program is banned by the terms of use for SpaceHamsters, and using it will result in a ban of your account by the game devs. I've stopped development and no longer use this program. I am not responsible for any negative results that arise from your use of this program, and I strongly advise you not to use it. What it does: The bot does exploration and research for you, basically making sure that you don't have explorers and research centers sitting idle just because you aren't in fron

Ambot - AmBot.SL

AmBot is an all-in-one multi purpose bot, based on libopenmetaverse TestClient? 0.8.0 http://lib.openmetaverse.org/wiki/Download Next Version Is Awalys = (10+(mm*10)+dd)/(62) //===CHANGE LOG -=Next Update=-=== ===CHANGE LOG 5.8.10=== Version = 1.09.677 Removed - Bot output inworld on channel 420420. Added - New GUI with several MySQL Options. -- Login GUI -- Set Master Key -- MySQL Database Options (only used for ScanSL command) ----Method POST/Get ----MySQL Verification URL ----4 Parameters (Na