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Pure-FTPd is a fast, production-quality, standard-conformant FTP server. It has no known root exploit, it is really trivial to set up and it is especially designed for modern operating systems.




Related Projects


Kpum is a KDE program that manages users of the pureftpd server.


gpureftpd is a graphical frontend to configure your pure-ftpd server. You can manage easily all options of the pure-ftpd wrapper and also manage your virtual users.

Pureweb pure-ftpd admin

Pureweb is a PHP/MySQL user management script for Pure-FTPd just for mysql auth. You can add, edit, delete, define quotas, upload, download etc with a web interface. Working on latest version of pureftpd.


PureUserAdmin is a PHP webbased user management tool for PureFTPd user databases.

PureFTPD PHP User Manager

PPUM is a PureFTPD PHP User Management System designed for an easy web-based administration of SQL stored and authenticated FTP users.

PureAdmin - Management tool for PureFTPd

A GTK+2.x graphical front-end and management utility for the PureFTPd ftpserver. It is intended to be easy to use while providing as much control to the user as possible.

lessaid is an network and systeme manager

Lessaid is a personal project from me, lessaid who start to code some sample code to manage network and system infrastructure.For the system part:apache1/2 -> manage the service and configure virtual Host and manage modsbind8/9 -> manage domains and subdomainespure-ftpd -> Manage user / configurationsamba -> Manage user/share/domainFOr the network part:Cisco: manage Switch and routersJuniper: Manage routers


An ISP-class utility to allow FTP account holders to change their password independently using a web browser. Written in Python and Works with PureFTPd-MySQL servers where the PureFTPd FTP server uses a MySQL database for user authentication.

Makeperfectserver - The Perfect Hosting Server (for Debian based servers)

makeperfectserver (mps) is a shell script to install a Debian server (and Debian based linux's like Ubuntu server). With a simple execution of the main-script it automatically receives the needed information or asks for the unset configuration items. It setups: - ssh, openssh-server, openssh-blacklist, openssh-blacklist-extra (incl. security settings) - vim-nox / vim - ntp & ntpdate - Postfix - Courier - Saslauthd - MySQL (automatic configuration) - rkhunter - chkrootkit - binutils - maildrop -