Pulse Programmer

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A programmable signal generator and RF synthesizer for scientific experiments, especially quantum computing and quantum information processing. It includes hardware, firmware, software, and documentation, all under an open source license.




Related Projects


Generate binaural, pulse, and phase beats for brain wave entrainment. Mix with internally generated tones and noise or user sound files. Play immediately or write to file. Requires a text script file to specify sound sequences, many samples provided.

Nmrtype - NMR pulse sequence code generator

nmrtype aims to implement a target platform independent NMR pulse sequence code generator name "nmrtype" was chosen because part of the goal is helping to easily "type in" the pulse sequence while minimizing the necessary input and maximizing readability of the code nmrtype uses new pulse sequence definition language that is based on "anchors" - or control points within the pulse sequence. Events are associated with those control points and are entered on a line that corresponds to a particular

Sequencetree - MRI Pulse Sequence Programming Environment

Pulse sequence programming environment for MRI. SequenceTree has three modules: Pulse sequence design, Bloch equation simulation, and image reconstruction/processing.

Tatapoum - A VST drummachine made with SynthEdit

Tatapoum 4 is a combined drum sampler and pattern sequencer. It can be used in three ways:1) the Tatapoum Drum Sampler,2) the Tatapoum Pattern Sequencer,3) the Tatapoum Sampler and Sequencer together.=================================================The Tatapoum Drum Sampler features 10 drums, each with:solo, mute, load and preview controls,pan, sample playback length, normal/reverse playback direction, full/fade playback envelope,playback levels for high and low velocity, pitch controlvelocity t

Safirapulse - Safira Pulse

The Safira Pulse project is a E2.0 initiative from Safira’s Human Resources Department, and the goal is to establish a real time work satisfaction indicator upon the activities that each one of the workers carry out throughout a working day. This is an experimental and innovative initiative in the HR domain, which was implemented using the Web 2.0 pattern called micro-blogging, as it is used by Twitter or Yammer. The company workers' involvement is the usage of this application to blog work ac

psdb - NMR Pulse Sequence Database

NMR Pulse Sequence Database