Pulsar POP3 mail server

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Pulsar POP3 server (daemon) is easy to use with intuitive configuration file. It supports virtual (non-system) users and virtual hosts (IP based and user supplied). Can run from xinetd, inetd or standalone.




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Pulsar software for forming timing residuals. Developed mainly by George Hobbs and Russell Edwards at the ATNF.

PSRCHIVE Pulsar Data Archival amp; Analysis

PSRCHIVE is an application suite and development library for use in the storage and analysis of pulsar astronomical data. It includes an extensive range of algorithms and tools commonly used in a wide variety of experiments.

ATM drivers for PCI ADSL/ADSL2+ modems

Linux ATM Drivers for the Geos Multiport ADSL2+ router, Solos PCI Multiport ADSL2+ modem and Pulsar PCI ADSL Card

DSPSR: Digital Pulsar Signal Processing

DSPSR is a high-performance, object-oriented, digital signal processing library for radio pulsar astronomy. It implements an extensive range of algorithms and features, and can read data from most observatories, instruments, and file formats.


Tempo is a pulsar timing data analysis package.


Allow you to monitor a MGE Pulsar UPSes to allow a clean shutdown in case of power outage. Monitor also the quality of the power line. As of yet, only tested on Linux with Pulsar ES8+ and ESV8+

PSRDADA: Distributed Data Acquisition

Software to support the development of distributed data acquisition and analysis systems, used primarily in the implementation of instrumentation for pulsar astronomy.

Space-empire-pulsar - Jeu de stratégie spaciale multijoueur en tour par tour multiplateforme (Java)

Space Empire PulsarSpace Empire Pulsar sera un jeu de stratégie tour par tour, multijoueur, inspiré de Konquest avec de nouvelles règles et une vue en 3D. Il devrait être implémenté en JAVA, ce qui le rend multiplateforme. StatusRédaction du cahier des charges

pulsar - Concurrent framework for python

Concurrent framework for python


Pulsar is a, well what is it?