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PUFS - peer union FS - is a poor man's naiuml;ve distributed filesystem for Linux built on top of FUSE, hence running totally in user mode.




Related Projects


Project for puf puf ga me

Puf-vam-impl - Implementation of lazy functional toy language PuF

PuF is simple lazy functional language (without type checking) that is compiled for the visual abstract machine (Vam). This implementation (compiler) is a part of coursework. The project implements Puf compiler in Java language. Final version

Digpufft - Distributed GPU FFT

DiGPUFFT (pronounced "dig-puffed") is a GPU-enhanced fork of P3DFFT. DiGPUFFT adds CUFFT support inside of P3DFFT, for GPU-accelerated 3D FFT computations.

Puf-vn-project1 - puf-vn software project

Software Project Title: Computer-Aided Elective Course Enrolment Client and advisor: Anne Dicky [dicky@labri.fr] TA: Hoa Bui [hoabt@Cybersoft-VN.com] PUF HCMC, VN 1st master course Hoang Tang Van Danh & Nguyen Thi My Linh & Diep Phan Thanh Tuan

Twibap - The ABAP Twitter API

Twibap... is an easy to use Twitter API (incl. OAuth authentication) developed in "ABAP", the language used in SAP© Netweaver systems See SAP Community Network Blog Twibap project moved to SAP Code Exchange! New project homepage: https://cw.sdn.sap.com/cw/groups/twibap Change logTwibap0.1.1 Sep 01 2010- Dump during anonymous callsOAuth0.1.2 Sep 01 2010- Dump during anonymous calls- POST with CDATA possible (e.g. XML files)Twibap... is a kind of Korean puffed crispy cookie made from rice or corn


MacPUF simulation for OS X


Simple PuF compiler

billio - A tiny app to check out Puffing Billy (https://github.com/oesmith/puffing-billy)

A tiny app to check out Puffing Billy (https://github.com/oesmith/puffing-billy)