Puffin Automation Framework

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Puffin allows you to test any web application or service. Once customized to your web application, you can use Puffin to unit test individual web pages, system test your entire web application, or load test your entire site.




Related Projects

Kbm-twitter - Twitter API client written in Scala

Note: this project is obsolete. Code is being rolled into the talking puffin project at http://github.com/dcbriccetti/talking-puffin/tree/master. This is a twitter client API written in Scala. The only Java dependencies are log4j (for logging...) and Apache commons-codec (for Base64 encoding). Currently it only supports the Twitter HTTP API, but I plan to extend it to support the XMPP API as well, and to wrap an Actors-based layer on top that lets you work with either API in an event-driven fash

Puffin-js - JS library to handle in-site windows

About PuffinPuffin is a library written in Javascript, that aims to be the defacto standard for creating windows inside websites. It is stand-alone and can be combined with any other library or framework of your choice, or just be used on its own. Getting startedCheck the Introduction page Getting started screencast The ideaPuffin allows creating fully customizable in-site windows, compatible with strict XHTML, and common HTML and HTML5. We're working on making it able to work on any modern brow

Pffn - Paste File From Network

What is it?Paste File From Network is a simple, portable, peer to peer file transfer protocol (and implementation) for a local LAN segment. The idea is to be as simple as: Start PFFN on both computers. Copy a file using PFFN on one computer. Paste the file using PFFN on the other. See the Design for more details. How is PFFN Pronounced?Well, initially we were just spelling out the acronym, but after a quick IM session between the siblings that designed it, they decided to call it "puffin": Siste

Csce492group2 - CSCE 492 Project for Group 2

The Puffin Outreach Program is a student project created by students at the University of South Carolina: George Rushe, Gary Fredericks, Michael Abdullah, and Robert Carter.

PuffinPHP - PuffinPHP is a PHP framework.

PuffinPHP is a PHP framework.

puffin-CX - Puffin is an attempt to design a 64bit microkernel

Puffin is an attempt to design a 64bit microkernel

gina-puffinfeeder - Android implementation of the GINA Puffin Feeder

Android implementation of the GINA Puffin Feeder


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