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PrinceTiddlyWiki is a TiddlyWiki Adaptation, it is separated the code of TiddlyWiki core javascript and extensiones into external js files.



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Airbourne - A networking auditing & monitoring script used to streamline the usage of the aircra

The Airbourne script features a shell menu with many options handling network interfaces, injections, wireless monitoring, deauthentication, wep statistical crack, wep ptw method, wpa password list method, wpa john the ripper method. It runs in a session which is saved and remember for later, it also will remember target information including BSSID, ESSID, Channel, and a station. The script will run in both tty and x11 mode. x11 mode will spawn new terminals to easily copy paste information in t

Civ4rc - Retro Civ

Civilization, one of the greatest series of video games ever created. Each version has slightly different rules and aspects, with some things taken out, while others are added. Most of the things taken out throughout the games really should be removed, such as the corrupt model in Civilization 3, or the AI of Civilization 1 & 2. Other things, such as disbanding units for hammers / food, or caravans, and many wonders, should have been left in the game. Now Civilization is Civilization IV: Beyond


a program to work with the PTW Mephysto data plotter program more efficiently

ptw - Python tools walkthrough

Python tools walkthrough

aircrack-ptw - Faster then aircrack-ng WEP key cracker

Faster then aircrack-ng WEP key cracker

ptw2013 - Node Philly 2013 Event Site

Node Philly 2013 Event Site