Personal Task Manager

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(It looks like Windows Task Manager) this is a time tracking tool designed for tired and overworked people. Tasks are organized hierarchically (like folders in the Windows Explorer). Includes statistics. Measure yourself, this is a self improvement tool.



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Rorptm - Project and Tasks Manager written in Ruby On Rails

What is it ?It is a collaborative Rails application to manage your team tasks, with a project management oriented vision. manage your tasks with deadlines with hierarchies by responsible manage your requirements manage your traceability export to RTF Demo / Public sitePublic site: DownloadYou can download the package featured at the right of this screen (removed, please use SVN). It contains the PTM Rails application structure. If you want to live on the edge, see the 'source

PTM Inline Perl/HTML Hybrid Parser

PTM is a Perl/HTML hybrid, similar to PHP in tag syntax. It allows for the ease of PHP-style inline code in your dynamic HTML documents while supplying the power of Perl that many find to be sorely lacking in PHP.

Aligtd - A firefox extension for PTM ( Personal Time Management )

The PTM is a firefox extension for tracking the time you'v been working on a certain task.

Icelogo - Next-generation visualization of protein consensus sequences by iceLogo

IceLogo builds on probability theory to visualize significant conserved sequence patterns in multiple peptide sequence alignments against background (reference) sequence sets that can be tailored to the studied system and the used protocol. The unique advantages of iceLogo compared to other sequence logo creating tools is that iceLogo has a more dynamic nature and is correcter and completer in the analysis of conserved sequence patterns. icelogo web application: see

SoftPTM (Time Management System)

Time Management System

Voting-experts - A Java implementation of Voting Experts, a general-purpose segmentation algorithm

OverviewThis project provides simple implementations of several algorithms for chunking/segmenting sequences of symbols. The Voting Experts (VE) algorithm is included, as well as algorithms derived from VE such as Bootstrap Voting Experts (BVE) and Voting Experts - Minimum Description Length (VE-MDL). Voting Experts greedily searches for sequences that match an information-theoretic signature: low entropy internally and high entropy at the boundaries. For an up-to-date summary of many VE results

Biometerrainmod - The BiomeTerrainMod is a mod that changes the game minecraft's terrain generat

The PhoenixTerrainMod is a mod that changes the game minecraft's terrain generation algorithms. Please go to for modern releases. Only PTM source is stored here now.

Popitam - Popitam is a method designed to characterize peptides with mutations or unexpected post-tr

Popitam is a method designed to characterize peptides with mutations or unexpected post-translational modifications using MS/MS data.

Searchgui - graphical user interface for proteomics identification search engines

SearchGUINews What is SearchGUI? Download Using SearchGUI In Other Tools From the Command Line Database Help User Defined Modifications Result Analysis Troubleshooting SearchGUI Publication: Vaudel et al: Proteomics 2011;11(5):996-9. If you use SearchGUI as part of a paper, please include the reference above. PeptideShaker: To visualize and analyze the search results we recommend the use of PeptideShaker. OMMSA Parser and X!Tandem Parser: For developer access to the search results we recommend t