PTC: BitTorrent Client

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[DISCONTINUED] Cross-Platform BitTorrent GUI and core capable of handling multiple downloads in one program instance. Excessive configuration possibilities. Scriptable Telnet-Server. Can be run without GUI. Includes database.



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Implementation of Fault Tolerant CORBA specification, V1.0 (OMG Document ptc/2000-04-04), extended to support large-scale, distributed systems. Implements both Passive (Cold and Warm) and Active replication styles.


Kptc is a KDE2 application for operating comfortable with the SCS PTC-II ( or PTC-IIe, PTC-IIpro). Information about the PTC-II can be found at the web site of quot;Special Communications Systemsquot;:


SharpPTC is a framebuffer library designed for creating retro games and applications, built on DirectDraw targeting the .NET platform. It provides a simple pixel buffer and methods to ease drawing (line, rectangle, clear etc). SharpPTC also comes with limited keyboard support.

Pixeltoaster - framebuffer graphics library for c++

PixelToaster is a library for C++ programmers who want to write their own software rendering routines, reading and writing to an array of pixels. You choose between high dynamic range floating point color or 32 bit truecolor and pixeltoaster converts to the native display format automatically. You also get basic keyboard and mouse input and a high resolution timer. PixelToaster is designed by Glenn Fiedler, author of the PTC, OpenPTC and TinyPTC libraries. If you liked PTC, you'll love PixelToas

Stoneridgeptc-code - Stoneridge Elementary Code project

Stoneridge Elementary is located is Roseville CA, and is our son's and daughters Elementary school. We assist with and volunteer with Online presence needed for our schools site. You will find code on this project that is specifically designed to help our schools PTC site.


C++ (with python bindings) library for easily reading/writing/manipulating common animation particle formats such as PDB, BGEO, PTC. See the discussion group @