Platinum C++ Framework

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Platinum is a portable, modular and modern C++ class framework.



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Coeus-swaf - COEUS - Semantic Web Application Framework

COEUS moved to GitHub COEUS is a next-generation semantic web-powered knowledge management framework. It is targeted at rapid application deployment of new applications in any research field, supported by a comprehensive ontology and RDF-based configuration files. All info on:

Pt-toolkit - A PHP toolkit

PHP ToolkitThe goal is to create a no nonsense PHP toolkit that will make the PHP developer's job easier. If you are looking for buzzwords you will not find them here. This is not a framework, it will try to abstract away all of PHP's quirks and implement some valuable features that could be used to create a website or even a framework on top of it. This project is now beta, it's still early but you can work with it.

Meg - [M]athematics [E]xercise [G]enerator (MegUA)

We are moving to MEGUA because project was renamed. It will be a megua package release in couple of weeks. The project aims to use Sagemath ( and Python libraries to produce `learning objects' in LaTeX. A modular framework is used allowing easy collaboration from everybody who knows Python, LaTex and maths. Portuguese site:

Django-blocks - an easier way to build Web apps like an blog or CMS more quickly and with almost no

Django BlocksDjango Blocks will provide an easier way to build Web apps more quickly and with almost no code. Figure: django-blocks admin pagesDjango is a great framework. It's easy to learn and use. Building a site in it is easy. But why re-invent the wheel each time? The goal of django-blocks is to be able do do a site without a real need to write many lines of code (or any) because almost common stuff like a content and how it should be shown will be configured by the user. It should be easy

Cimobile - A library for Codeigniter aimed to give support for mobile devices.

(EN) The CiMobile library enables the PHP developer optimize websites for mobile devices giving an easy way to identify browsers, store user preferences and switch from mobile to desktop version of the website. (PT-BR) O CiMobile foi desenvolvido pela Tetranet e tornado público para ajudar outros desenvolvedores de websites a otimizar seus sistemas em CodeIgniter para celulares e smartphones. O CiMobile é uma library (biblioteca) para o framework CodeIgniter, esta library permite o programador

Simplevelocity - Creating Reports and Views using NVelocity Framework [ASP.NET Web Forms]

The ProjectSimpleVelocity is a support framework between Web Application (Asp.NET) and the famous View Engine NVelocity from Castle Project. With SimpleVelocity you'll have: flexibility, simplicity and facility for create reports and views. For using this framework you need HTML knowledge and work with C# or VB.NET. You'll also need to know the basic sintax from framework. The framework view concept if compared with the view engine from NVelocity does not reach your totality. Nevertheless, it's

Ruicode - Libraries, addons and utilities

OverviewLibraries, addons and utilities ofxCvConvexityDefectsOpenFrameworks addon which tracks blobs and calculates convexity defects. Uses the ofxOpenCv addon Ruimatic Wordpress ThemeWordpress theme developed to be the foundation of . It's a very simple and minimal theme to be used as a webpage. It uses templates from the Thematic theme and so requires it to be present. You can download it here: ofxTabletOSXOpenFrameworks addon which allows the use of graphic tab

Lindbergframework - Plug and Use

About lindbergframework - Plug and UseThe idea and motivation of the lindbergframework is provide resources and simple solutions to problems based on the concept 'Plug and Use'. In the current version, the framework provides easy and simple solutions to the population of beans from SQL queries, abstraction of the complexities to access to stored procedures and stored functions , population of database cursors, transaction management, dependency injection, integration with Spring, JSF and Adobe F

Openid-server - JOIDS(Java OpenID Server). A multi-domain, multi-user OpenID Provider

JOIDS(Java OpenID Server) is a multi-domain, multi-user OpenID Provider based on OpenID4Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Velocity. FeaturesOpenID Identifier in the format http(s):// or http(s):// etc. Multi-domain support. Multi-user support. Account management. Multilingual support (now ba, de, en_US, es, hr, ja, pt, sr, zh_CN, zh_HK, zh_TW are available). RequirementsJDK 1.5+ A servlet container (such as Apache Tomcat, for more containers see List of S

Sofia-php - Framework PHP Brasileiro e Simples

SofiaPHP é um framework simples. Inicialmente se tratava apenas de um projeto para estudos, mas devido à necessidade de uso de framework em um determinado job, foi necessário o uso do SofiaPHP onde pela primeira vez teve algumas funções finalizadas. O projeto se encontra despadronizado, nomeclaturas e namespaces ainda não definidos. Observando verão que alguns métodos foram desenvolvidos as pressas. O núcleo do framework sofreu uma alteração de cunho drástico, as classes mais relevan