PsyncX - Mac OS X Backup Utility

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This application, based on the command-line utility psync, is designed to allow novice computer users to backup either one part of their hard drive or the entire hard drive to another computer. In addition, it allows users to schedule backups.



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Openaegix - An user friendly Incremental Backup app for Mac OS X

Open AegiX (or just AegiX) is an open source solution for Mac OS X to create incremental backups using UNIX tools. We want to create a user friendly and powerful way to mirror your system (apps, preferences, documents...) Why are we working on it? 1) We do not like Apple's Time Machine. 2) iBackup is a great application but we consider that it is a little hard to create easy incremental backups with it. Alternate products to AegiX: 1) iBackup (recommended): 2) C