PowerShell Tools

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This is a package of cmdlets for PowerShell. Currently provided tools are: PStime - a cmdlet to measure the time elapsed by running the specified command. (is similar to GNU time(1)), PSwget - a cmdlet to get the content of the resource specified by URL,




Related Projects




Utilities for administration of NT-based machines, in the spirit of pstools from Systems Internals. Utilities included: ntpriority, ntsuspend.


PSTools GUI is a graphical frontend for the PSTools command line tools. It allows for easier use and understanding of the available tools offered by PSTools.

Web-process-admin - Ruby based process admin tool that allows issuing of shell commands on remote te

Somewhat incomplete process admin tool(starting point for a bigger process admin project),that allows administering of remote clients,for example killing processes, via web interface. Attempts to be cross platform(Os X, Linux, Win32) by using PSTOOLS on windows. Requires Ruby intepreter and Rinda library. Discovers hosts via broadcast and uses rinda tuplespaces to keep track of the hosts. Many features yet to be implemented like saving of history of commands. Here's first few lines from the prog

Sync-mp - A multi-seat tool for MediaPortal and HTPC's

SummarySync-MP is a third party tool for the legendary media center software "Mediaportal". It is devided in two parts: SyncClient and SyncServer SyncClientWith SyncClient you have a workaround for one of MediaPortal's biggest flaws. It gives you the ability to share the databases of Mediaportal between multiple instances running at the same time. For the MovingPictures, MySeries and MyMusic databases there are some special features available. You can keep the movie, series and music content bet

ps-tools - Tools for development

Tools for development


Windows command line snippets, batch file pieces, PowerShell and PSTools helpers


A LaTeX package to simplify the use of psfrag graphics in PDF

puppetlabs-pstools - Tools to automate the setup of puppet development and testing systems.

Tools to automate the setup of puppet development and testing systems.