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PST ERP is .Net 4.0 Framework based ERP



Related Projects

Xena - Digital Preservation Software

Xena transforms files into open data formats for long-term digital preservation, encodes content in Base64 and wraps in XML metadata. Formats supported include MBOX, PST, MSG, DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF, PNG, XML, PDF, JPG, TIFF, PCX, WAV, MP3 and more.

Pst2gmail - Migrates your outlook email, contacts and calendar items to gmail

pst2gmail builds on the work done in the java-libpst library ( to help migrate users from their Outlook email to the web based gmail services.

PST File Format SDK

PST File Format SDK (pstsdk) is a cross platform header only C++ library for reading PST files.

Ruby-msg - A library for reading and converting Outlook msg and pst files (mapi message stores).

Generally, the goal of the project is to enable the conversion of msg and pst files into standards based formats, without reliance on outlook, or any platform dependencies. In fact its currently pure ruby, so it should be easy to get running. It is targeted at people who want to migrate their PIM data from outlook, converting msg and pst files into rfc2822 emails, vCard contacts, iCalendar appointments etc. However, it also aims to be a fairly complete mapi message store manipulation library, pr

Notebk - Alex Nelson's Notebook

This is just my collection of notes on math and physics. The scope of the notes vary. It ranges from theoretical physics (classical general relativity and quantum gravity, quantum field theory, etc.) to pure mathematics. I hope, someday, to have these notes form a cohesive collection --- similar to Bourbaki's Elements of Mathematics ... except I want my notes to be coherent. If you are interested in the TeX/LaTeX macros used, see the wiki entry on them. All explanations and example code are give

Fixemptyheaders - fix empty to/from/cc/bcc/sender fields in gmail

When importing mail from an outlook pst file to gmail, it is frequently possible that the to/from/cc/bcc/sender header fields are incomplete. When mail stays internal to the Exchange server, Exchange can take a shortcut and only record the person's first and last name but not their email address. Gmail then shows these as "unknown sender". Warning: The Google Spreadsheets API for table and record feeds has been deprecated since this code was written.

PST Data Structure View Tool

PST Data Structure View Tool (PSTViewTool) is a tool supporting the PST file format documentation effort. It allows the user to browse the internal structures of a PST file. PSTViewTool is a MFC/C++ app developed in Visual Studio. Other than MFC, it has no external dependencies.

Java-libpst - A library to read PST files with java, without need for external libraries.

The PST File format is used by Outlook for the storage of emails. Over the years many people have accumulated a large amount of important email and other information into these files, this project aims to allow people to access and extract this information so that it may be migrated to other messaging systems. This project was originally based off the documentation created through the fantastic reverse engineering effort made by the project. The library ha

OST to PST Converter- Efficiently Accomplish OST to PST Conversion

OST to PST converter is available for quick and elegant OST to PST conversion.

Backup my mail

Backup my mail is a simple gui for console program hobocopy(c). Program copy all pst file from default profile Microsoft Outlook mail client to backup folder. Application is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2010 Express