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Want to run a Radio Community Server to host your Radio weblog on Linux? phpStorageSystem lets you do it on any PHP web host.



Related Projects

Epzgwu-learning - Learning InterPSS background knowledge

A project to store codes for learning InterPSS background knowledge

PSS Airbus Sound Extender

This application offers users of PSS Airbus the sound extension (like electricity, air-conditioning, apu) for standard PSS Airbus 32x planes. Tested with FS2004 and PSS A319. No sound files are distribute with the package, but explaining manual, how to achieve them, is included.

Pss-client - Manage the Philips GoGear ShoqBox PSS 110 MP3 player

Manage the Philips GoGear ShoqBox PSS 110 MP3 player For technical reasons you just can't simply drag and drop or copy files to the shoqbox as known form other devices. Actually the shoqbox is managed by a software called musicmatch jukebox that provides a fully featured music library management and is only available for the microsoft windows platform. If you don't want to use this software or working on Linux you should consider to try the pss-client. PssClient is a java - application (java 1.5

Php-ss - Php Simple Syntax, for those who just want a little

PSS / Php-ss stands for Php Simple Syntax. It is aimed at those who wish not to use PHP to its full extent, but rather just get a bit of dynamic content going. PSS uses PHP and .htaccess (Will explain later) to make its own language syntax. If you are looking to create just a little bit of dynamic content on your page, this is the language for you. Its also incredibly simple to learn. Designers, you may also want to use it to aid in designing.



Pss-tv - Personalized Content for Secondary Screen Device System

Personalized Digital Television Content for Secondary Screen Devices System

Pss-library - A javascript library for printerorder used by printing storefront solutions

While using Printer Order it has become necessary during all of our additions to the platform and enhancements to create a library of said improvements. This is just that, I library of javascript and html improvements to printerorder. Of course unless there is a TON of previous knowledge with printerorder and a heck of a lot previous work done, this library will be useless to anyone but Printing Storefront Solutions.

Pss2010 - Projekt zaliczający przedmiot Programowanie Systemów Sterowania

Projekt zaliczający przedmiot Programowanie Systemów Sterowania

Personal Smart Space

This project provides a middleware framework for the provision and operation of a Personal Smart Space (PSS). The PSS is a means for sharing services, and information, while automating certain actions and learning about the usage habits of the user.