Open Source Game - Prince's Revenge

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Open Source Game.



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Analyzes some PHP source code and tries to fix coding standards issues (PSR-1 and PSR-2 compatible)

phpcs-psr - A PHP_CodeSniffer sniff to check against the PSR-0, PSR-1 and PSR-2

A PHP_CodeSniffer sniff to check against the PSR-0, PSR-1 and PSR-2

Patronselfregistration - Patron Self Registration

Patron Self Registration Module for VTLS Virtua Library Management System.

Paperscissor - Paper, Scissors, Rock

This project is all about developing a Paper, Scissors, Rock game. It was originally started with a version for Nintendo DS handheld console, and the Gameboy Advance. But in reality the whole "Paper, Scissors, Rock"-deal is just my own personal exploration of programming languages, operating systems and handheld devices. Before this project, PSR games in Java, PHP, Python and JavaScript had been written, the sources for these are possibly long gone. Now almost a year after the latest PSR4DS rele

Mpautoloaderclassmap - PHP class type token finder and class map file creator

mpAutoloaderClassMapIs able to parse several defined directories/files for existing class type tokens (class names, abstract class names and interface names) and to generate a class map configuration file which is usable for a autoloader implementation. ReasonSolving dependencies, loading required class files, in PHP can be done via different ways. 1. PSR-0: Mapping class name to file system location // example:Location: /path/to/your/lib/Com/Foobar/Helloworld.phpClassname: Com_Foobar_Helloworld

Gwalk - Goole Wears A Linux Kernel

GWALKBelow snapshot is a handy-crafted client-server application (formerly known as GWALK) written with C, GTK+, ALSA and Linux operating system but is no longer being developped nor maintained. (please refer to Wiki for more info and Download section for Live Demo). Written for my university final project where the main purpose is for remote teaching-learning process in the music field using keyboards instrument (MIDI) so that the learner and the teacher can communicate and interact in separate

Php-annotations - industrial-strength annotations for PHP

Hello, WorldThis high-performance library adds advanced support for annotations to PHP (version 5.3). Referencing established practices and proven features of annotation-support from other languages and platforms with native support for annotations (mainly C#/.NET and Java), this library implements a complete, industrial-strength annotation engine for PHP, drawing on the strengths (while observing the limitations) of the language. Recent Updates(august 19) php-annotations is now on GitHub - deve

Psrconsulting-cachecollections - Collection class library for Intersystems Cache Object Script by ps

A library of collection classes to use with functional programming, written in Intersystem's Cache Object Script. I know Intersystems has collections classes, but they are primarily concerned with serializing collections upon save of an object. Intersystems also has relationships, which are a kind of collection, but they are primarily concerned with swizzling. These classes are primarily to make code compact and easy to write and read. For example, I've written my own subclass of ResultSet to re