Portable Spell Checker Interface Library

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The goal of the library is to provide a generic interface to Spell checker libraries installed on the system.




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Plugin Description This jQuery plugin is used to check the spelling of a HTML element. Documentation Read the documentation page for an overview of the plugin setup and usage examples. Source http://code.google.com/p/jquery-spellchecker/source/checkout Supported browsers The plugin works in most popular browsers, including IE6+, FF3+, Safari4+, Chrome3+, Opera10+, Camino1+ Demos Full demo - using latest revision, which is unstable Simple demo - barebones example, best to refer to Simple demo - w

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This is the source code of the original Unix 'spell' program, as described in McIlroy (1982). The source code was extracted from original Unix archives from 1978-1981. All modern spell-checker programs (ispell/aspell/pspell etc) are descendants of this source code. McIlroy 'spell' paper (1982) (pdf) The paper describes two methods: Method 1 - bloom filter - source code and dictionary: /method1 Method 2 - differential Huffman coded hash - source code and dictionary: /method2 The whole thing: spel

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