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psp-web is a software process metrics gathering package. This project provides the forms used by the Personal Software Process, which was developed by Watts Humphrey and the SEI. It uses PHP and mySql for the backend.



Related Projects

Kja-portal - KJA Portal for the Sony PSP

A collection of html web pages in javascript and html for the sony psp made by KJA

Pspcollection - An web application to management your PSP Collection

This web application provides an interface made in JAVA with elements of AJAX.

Psptweeter - Twitter on your PlayStation Portable

PSPTweeter is a web-based Twitter client for the PlayStation Portable. PSPTweeter includes the most common twitter functions, as well as uploading media and more.

Parliament-poll-stats - The web-site to show nice piecharts generated from poll results in parliamen

Currently early version of project, which is supposed to be launched at some publicly accessible site. The first goal is to deliver overview of poll results from czech parliament. Results are going to be periodically fetched from The site is going to be launched at (in Czech language only).

Psptool - PSP Tool

UNISINOS - Universidade do Vale do Rio dos SinosProjeto de um sistema web com o objetivo na criação de um ferramenta a atender as necessidades do modelo PSP nos níveis 0 e 0.1. Equipe: Clarice [] José Rodrigo [] Marcello Marco [] Rafael [] Robson [] Rodrigo [] Tiago []

Epik-engine - 3D Game Engine

This is a game engine created by myself (Justin Drobey) and my friend (Nicolas Rivet) to ease the creation of 3D games. The collection contains utilities for 3D, web, sockets, file reception via sockets (TCP only, for now).

Nemesis Pascal FrameWork

A FrameWork to develop Pascal Applications. This includes Integrated Development Environment (Rapid Application Development -RAD-), Virtual Machine, Web Services (Pascal Server Pages -PSP-) and too many tools

Pydictionary - Web dictionary written in pure Python

pyDictionary is a minimal Python-based dictionary that runs locally in the browser. Using the dictionary requires a Python environment. In the simplest scenario the dictionary data is stored in SQLite databases and the user interface consists of a web page that is opened in a browser. There is an alternative version that runs under the Apache web server, and which uses MySQL for data storage. To run under Apache (version 2.x) you will need to install the mod_python module. The standalone version

simple Python Server Page

simple Python Server Page is a simple server-side scripting facility which is similar to ASP/JSP/PHP, and which uses Python as the scripting language. sPSP allows you to easily create dynamic content and implement Web-applications.