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Perl-speaks-NONMEM (PsN) is a collection of Perl modules and programs aiding in the development of non-linear mixed effect models using NONMEM. The functionality ranges from solutions to simpler tasks such as parameter estimate extraction from output files, data file sub setting and resampling, to advanced computer-intensive statistical methods. PsN includes stand-alone tools for the end-user as well as development libraries for method developers.



Related Projects

Psnfriends - Android application showing your PSN friends

Discontinued because the PSN website this application uses for scraping changed to many times PSN Friends is an android application to show the statuses of your friends on the PlayStation Network. Using the application it is possible to see what your friends are up to without powering on the PS3. To install it onto your phone, search Android market for "PSN Friends" or scan this image: .

Psn-friends - Playstation Network Friends API

After the attack on PSN APIs do not work, for now is not expected to further development. What is psn-friends? Simple collection of classes, written in php, that allows you to treat your friends info about the psn, with the possibility to make rankings to the trophies and see who is online playing. Features Full object oriented code Output caching Friends list Full profile information Avatar Level Progress Number of trophies earned Rankings Status Playing Requirements for the server A webserver

Django-psn - Collect and display user's social network data with Django

django-elsewhere (formerly Django-PSN)This project has been renamed django-elsewhere and the code is now hosted on GitHub: Any issues will still be tracked here on Google Code.

Xmpp-psn - A small webservice that facilitates using the jabber network as a social network.

WARNINGThe code I'm working on here is for prototyping ONLY There are problems with authentication that are not solvable at this time, however there are standardization movements in place within the jabber community to provide the kinds of tools I would need to make this safe. SO! please don't use this in your own service, but feel free to play with it and see what you think. DescriptionXmpp-psn is a simple web service running on Django (for now) that allows you to easily use jabber as your back


Pirantilde;a is a flexible modeling environment NONMEM and PsN.

Psnonline - PSN Online

Project is on hold, too busy right now PSN Online is an Adobe AIR application that will allow you to login to the PlayStation Network to see which friends are online. If you are an online gamer and enjoy playing with your friends, then it's handy to see when they are online. Right now it is a work in progress, once a beta is available I will update here. Screen shots taken 13th Oct 2010. Styling still needing to be done, but gives a general idea of what it looks like. If you wish to provide some


Gaming client for various gaming networks (currently supports XBox Live, PSN in progress) for Android

Portable-psn-id - Shows the PSN Portable ID

As stated in the summary this gadget shows the portable PSN (Playstation Network) ID

Seisfile - A library for reading and writing seismic file formats in java.

SeisFile is a library for reading and writing seismic file formats in java. See the wiki for more information. Currently support exists for: SAC MiniSEED with limited support for full SEED PSN IRIS DMC Station web service, which returns StationXML IRIS DMC DataSelect web service, which returns miniseed USGS LISS USGS CWB Geofon SeedLink Earthworm/Winston database Earthworm/Waveserver IRIS DMC Sync files These are low level routines that provide basic connection to the services and basic parsing