Pedestrian Simulation

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Pedestrian simulation



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Peripheralsim - Peripheral Simulator based on QEMU

Peripheral Simulator (PSim) is a highly modified QEMU (Quick Emulator) that is aimed to simulate peripheral devices of PC and study their performance and power consumptions.

D-p2p-sim - D-P2P-Sim+ is a novel distributed simulation environment with GUI for distributed P2P si

D-P2P-Sim+ is a distributed P2P simulator. It is an evolution of D-P2P-Sim enhanced to deliver multi-million node simulation support, failure-recovery models simulation capabilities and more statistics. Please find at downloads section all related executables and source code samples. The key aim is to provide the appropriate integrated set of tools in a single software solution to evaluate the performance of various Peer-To-Peer protocols. We implemented a simulation system in Java to evaluate t

Sim-universal-construction - Sim: A Highly-Efficient Wait-Free Universal Construction

02/11/2011: The code of Synch Synchronization Techniques is uploaded 13/11/2011: New Version 0.9 of Sim Universal Construction Sim is a simple wait-free universal construction, that uses just a Fetch&Add and a CAS object and performs a constant number of shared memory accesses. We have implemented Sim in a real shared-memory machine. In theory terms, our practical version of Sim, called P-Sim, has worse complexity than its theoretical analog; in practice though, P-Sim outperforms several state-o

Jtraml - Java implementation of the PSI-MS Transitions Markup Language (TraML) specification

This library aims to provide a Java API for creating TraML files. All code is written in Java and depends on multiple open source projects tied together by maven2. Please read the wiki for detail on specific elements of the library. We are grateful for the support by:

Gsoc2011-rtems-mmu-support-project - The goal of this project is to implement an architecture indepe

The goal of this project is to implement an architecture independent API and structure to manage memory blocks with access attribute based on MMU Support. The API should provide a mechanism for memory protection based on MMU hardware and a low-level MMU support in RTEMS which has been carried out for PowerPC PSIM board in GSOC2009. Users can use the API to manage an access lookup table, called MMU context. Using the API, RTEMS Objects such as Partition and Region can manage memory blocks with ac

Word2003toolbar4word2007 - A Microsoft Word 2003 toolbar as a Word 2007 Ribbon

DescriptionThe Microsoft Word 2007 Ribbon is new to everyone who has used Microsoft Word 2003 or an earlier version. There are some solutions out there to install a classic version of the buttons, but I'd rather not pay for them. So, I made my own. Screenshots old: new: Linksfor your perusal from Microsoft: Notes1) This comes with n

Jmzml - java implementation of the PSI-MS mzML specification v1.1

jmzMLAbout jmzML mzML Viewer Application Getting jmzML Using jmzML Getting Help About mzML jmzML Publications: Côté et al: Proteomics 2010 Apr;10(7):1332-5. If you use jmzML as part of a paper, please include the reference above. About jmzMLjmzML provides a portable and lightweight JAXB-based implementation of the full mzML 1.1 standard format (note that the jmzML version number has no relation to the mzML version number), with considerable tweaks to make the processing of files memory efficie

PSIM - Particle Simulation

Particle Simulation

watch - transform WATCH weather archive into pSIMS format

transform WATCH weather archive into pSIMS format