Proteomics Standards Initiative

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The Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI) aims to define community standards for data representation in proteomics to facilitate data comparision, exchange and verification.



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mzSquash is a compression tool for mzML files, an XML-based standard developed by HUPO PSI ( for spectrometer output. All development has ceased. The tool may be useful educationally, but is not a recommended utility.

Xmlmakerflattener - create XML document from tab-delimited (flat) files or extract information from

This project hosts the XML Maker Flattener application. If you find a bug, report it. XML Maker and Flattenerxmlmakerflattener provides a graphical interface used to map fields from a tab-delimited file to the elements of a XML schema (xsd) and create compliant XML Document. A second interface permits to select the nodes of interest in the schema and export corresponding information from a XML Document to a flat (e.g. tab-delimited file). Protein Standard InitiativeThis application has been orig

Psi-dev - Psi+ Project — Psi IM Development Branch

Psi is a cross-platform powerful XMPP/Jabber client (Qt, C++) designed for the Jabber power users. Psi+ is a development branch of Psi IM XMPP/Jabber client. More information... Project Purpose: collection, refinement and writing new patches for transfer them to Psi upstream developers. Psi+ Groupchat: Psi+ Forum: (about registration) Psi — �тильный мультиплатформенный jabber-клиент дл� опытного

Web-based-multiplesearch - Web-based multiple search engine framework for proteomics

This is the code repository for the multiple search engine framework, developed at the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool, in the groups of Simon Hubbard and Andy Jones. The core algorithm is described in: Jones AR, Siepen JA, Hubbard SJ, Paton NW. Improving sensitivity in proteome studies by analysis of false discovery rates for multiple search engines. Proteomics. 2009 9(5):1220-9. The code calculates FDR, based on decoy datab

Jmzml - java implementation of the PSI-MS mzML specification v1.1

jmzMLAbout jmzML mzML Viewer Application Getting jmzML Using jmzML Getting Help About mzML jmzML Publications: Côté et al: Proteomics 2010 Apr;10(7):1332-5. If you use jmzML as part of a paper, please include the reference above. About jmzMLjmzML provides a portable and lightweight JAXB-based implementation of the full mzML 1.1 standard format (note that the jmzML version number has no relation to the mzML version number), with considerable tweaks to make the processing of files memory efficie