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Psh-mysql-client - This is a MySQL client based upon psh (Perl Shell)

The default MySQL client is nice, but I wanted to add some features to it, like command aliases. I also wanted to be able to be in my normal shell and quickly grab stuff from a MySQL table without switching terminals. So, I wrote a couple extensions to the psh (Perl Shell). Two new commands are "dls" and "dhead". dls lists all the tables in the current database, but feels like a "ls -ltr" in that it sorts them by last-modified time and shows the sizes. "dhead" just peeks at the top 10 records of

Ruby-postscript - Simple library to create and manipulate postscript files in Ruby.

Similar in approach (and based on) perl's PostScript::Simple. Sample usage, importing and scaling an eps, drawing a line, adding text, and converting to pdf (from a program that uses pdftops in order to be able to arbitrarily draw on pdf pages). ps = :orient => :portraitps.newpagescale = [(ps.h - 25.0) / x1, ps.w * 1.0 / x2, 1].minps.importepsfile epsfn, (ps.w - x2 * scale) / 2, ((ps.h - 25) - x1 * scale) / 2 + 25, :scale => scaleps.line 0, 25, ps.w, 25ps.setfont 'Helvetica-Bold',

Pubsubhubbub-php - A PHP client for PubSubHubbub

A PHP client for PubSubHubbub. For more information about the PubSubHubbub protocol, please visit: Update 07/05/09: this library has been moved to the main PSH code base. You can find the latest version under the /client_libraries directory at Usage: // specify which hub you want to use. in this case we'll use the demo hub on app engine.$hub_url = "";// create a new pubsubhubbub publishe

Apsh - Another Parallel SHell

apshAn ssh wrapper for executing a command on multiple nodes. There are many good projects out there for parallel command execution. However, I was looking for something written in perl, lightweight and functionally along the lines of xCAT's psh without having to install full blown xCAT. Here it is... Hope you find it useful. Notesapsh supports non-interactive mode only, so that means: all nodes must be setup for ssh key authentication if the remote user is not root and you are using sudo, that

Tcptest - A multi-platform TCP/IP v4 Stack Testing Tool, As a testing tool, it can perform regressio

This is a Google Summer of Code project. WHATA multi-platform TCP/IP v4 Stack Testing Tool, As a testing tool, it can perform regression, protocol conformance, and fuzz tests. The tool may also be employed as an aid to protocol developers and both testing and debugging of firewalls/routers. USINGIt's built on top of PCS(Packet Construction Set) "PCS is a set of Python modules and objects that make building network protocol code easier for the protocol developer. The core of the system is the pcs

Aclcheck - Cisco ACL checker

Cisco access list syntax checkerWhat is it ? aclcheck is Cisco ACL syntax checker. It can be mainly used for: learning Cisco ACL (extended) syntax creating ACL administration framework For maintaining complex security policies with large ACLs, it may be suitable to store ACLs in repository. (cvs or the like) Every change of ACLs must be done in the repository. Commits into the repository can be set up to generate e-mails of every change. The e-mails can contain differences to previous versions o

psh - Release history of psh

Release history of psh

Bitwin - BitWin == (Bitwise Window)

BitWin == Bitwise + WindowПроект теÑ�тировалÑ�Ñ� на Fedora Linux, Ñ�дро 2.6, а также Windows XP. ВерÑ�иÑ� Qt - Qt Open Source Edition 4.4.3 Целью проекта было Ñ�оздание универÑ�альной инфраÑ�труктуры отображениÑ� двоичных данных на оÑ�нове Qt4 Model/View Framework. ПоÑ�тановка задачиИмеем некоторый формат предÑ�тавлениÑ� двоичных даÐ

Ddprotocol - a binary message decode/encode tool

DDProtocol is a free open-source C library that implements a easy to parse and manipulate binary messages for different protocols. TCP Protocol Header Decription Example: ddprotocol *ddp=NULL;ddprotocol_new(&ddp);ddp_specification *spec=ddp->I->NewSpecification(ddp, "TCP");ddp_structure *st=NULL;ddp_attribute *att=NULL;ddtype_list *types=NULL;st=spec->I->NewStructure(spec, "Header");att=spec->I->NewAttribute(spec, st, "SourcePort");att->I->SetAlignment(att, DDP_ATT_ALIGN_BY_BIT);att->I->SetSize(


Using Psh in Processing as a library.