Adobe® Photoshop® filter host for .NET

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An open source library to run 3rd party Adobe® Photoshop® compatible filters from a .NET application.



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Bigflag is a data structure which allows you to manage a large amount of boolean flags effectively. In a specific condition, it can have billions flags in only hundreds of bytes. Bigflag is suitable for preservation of a large amount of numeric data, ID management, sorting integer and so on. ID managementFor example, you can create unique ID easily as follow: class IDManager{ Bigflag bf = new Bigflag(); int createID(){ int id = bf.seachOff(0, 1).get(0); bf.on(id); return id; } void cancelID(int

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Stats in Battlefield 2142 are slightly different than they were in Battlefield 2.One thing that was done in Battlefield 2142 was to introduce a semi-unique authentication token. This token is used to try to differentiate game users from folks running stats sites, who try to pull thousands of players stats at once. If you have or plan on running a big stats site, please take into consideration (as it will affect the in game experience for all of us) that when you do this, it will degrade performa

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PL/X CompilerNoticeSome bugs may exist in Syntax Analysis. I did carelessly in writing about Select Set. But we will deal with it BEFORE January 2011 :) Since I am busy on preparing post-graduate entrance examination these days. -- by Eli Syntax Define(1)prog="program"ds"begin"ss"end"".".(2)ds=d{";"d}.(3)ss=s{";"s}.(4)d="integer"aident{","aident}|"logical"bident{","bident}.(5)s=aident":="ae |bident":="be |"if"be"then"ss["else"ss] "end" |"while"be"do"ss"end" |"repeat"ss"until"be |"write"ae. |"for

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1. 首先通过java程�将建设银行的公钥串转�pem格�并写入文件 SignTest.java是�行程�, RSASig.java是建设银行签�算法类, bcprov-jdk15-145.jar是PEMWriter类库 2. php程��签�验� <?php $data = "POSID=000000000&BRANCHID=330000000&ORDERID=2004010061&PAYMENT=0.01&CURCODE=01&REMARK1=&REMARK2=&SUCCESS=N"; $sign = "5bf88c409a13963286904e8954a4d825108f9b5bb60a8c8e5cfc05355fe4e247c777b521c7d68b8d51968285d51d1a0da0c5bd55e19268949a20dd7bd14f17422e41f3e6f7446

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Simple program written in Python for working with Portable Game Notation files which are used for storing and sharing information about chess games. Screenshot: There is an issue with quality of images. Portable Game Notation (PGN) is a computer-processible format for recording chess games (both the moves and related data); many chess programs recognize this extremely popular format due to its accessibility by ordinary ASCII editors, including word processors capable of importing and exporting p

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Gibbler - v0.7 ALPHAGit-like hashes and history for Ruby objects for Ruby 1.8, 1.9 and JRuby. Check out the screencast created by Alex Peuchert. Important Information Regarding Your DigestsDigest calculation changed in the 0.7 release for Proc objects. See "News" below for more info. Example 1 -- Basic Usage require 'gibbler' "kimmy".gibbler # => c8027100ecc54945ab15ddac529230e38b1ba6a1 :kimmy.gibbler # => 52be7494a602d85ff5d8a8ab4ffe7f1b171587df config = {} config.gibbler # => 4fdcadc66a38feb9c

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A Curve Fitting and Plotting library. Curves can be plotted via JFreeChart and the Google Chart API. Curve is a Persistent class (Hibernate bean) and curves are designed to write into a single database table for performance. This project incorporates code from NCGC CurveFit ( a "United States Government Work". Specifically it derives from and makes use of classes and code within the gov.nih.ncgc.batch package. A binary jar file containing the incorpo

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