Proxy+ Script Handler

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pScript is a utility written for the management of the Proxy Plus MPP Plugin. It simplifies the editing of the external files that contain the information for the script.



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Open-pscript-leveler - a community wanting to help wow players level

Open Pscript Leveler is a script used by Ppather to level alliance characters 1-70 through quests and grinding on mobs. The script will also train levels for you. This is one of the first serious goes at making such a script for the community and by the community.

Pscript-task - A Community Pscript

The goal is to make a Pscript (task file) that will go from level 1 to 70. Questing is the major role and grinding for some places. All this done by the community, for the community.

pscripts - python scripts

python scripts