PS3 Library .NET v3.1

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Communicate via PS3 easily with .NET Applications !



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Cell SPE TaskLib framework

Low-latency high speed hybrid framework-library for utilizing the IBM Cell processor SPE units (PS3, QS20) to carry out computational tasks. Provides some DSP tasks such as FFT and complex MAC. Thread-safe and easily extensible with new arithmetics tasks

Pms-plugin-spotify - Spotify Plugin for PS3 Media Server

OverviewA plugin for PS3 Media Server that supports browsing and playback of your Spotify Playlists. Demonstrated in this Video. RequiresPS3 Media Server JLibSpotify BuildModify net.pms.external.AppData locally for your Spotify Account settings Build the contents of src as a JAR, which can be placed in ps3mediaserver's plugin directory WarningCurrently requires minor modifications to PMS codebase. (currently believed to be due to problems involved in loading native DLLs from dynamically loaded j

Jlibspotify - Java Wrapper for libspotify

OverviewJava wrapper for libspotify. Access all of the features of libspotify-plusplus from Java code. Implemented as a set of java classes and a native DLL. RequiresLibSpotify-plusplus BuildCompile src as JLibSpotify.dll link libspotify.lib link libspotify-plusplus.lib Compile java as JLibSpotify.jar DownloadsPre-built JAR & DLL are provided for win32 ExampleUsed by libspotify plugin for ps3 media server

Openid-ps - Javascript OpenID Provider Selector

This is a javascript library created to help you integrate a client-side OpenID provider selector into your project. This screenshot is to give you an idea about how it looks: It started from the Simple OpenID Plugin project ( and the design approach Stack Overflow ( took. What do you get? Just for starters: A real jQuery plugin control with a clean css and the supporting images A sample html demo page A working eclipse php proj

Ps-metabase - PHP persistence lib

Super simple yet powerful PHP persistence, MetaBase is a hash-based database abstraction layer. It lets you store key/value pairs for use between requests or multiple PHP processes. MetaBase features a driver based storage system so you can choose between Filesystem, Memcached, or other databases. MetaBase is one file to include in your PHP project. <?php include_once('ps-metabase-lib.php'); ?> Usage is very simple. <?php $metabase->pStore( 'somekey', 'somedata' ); echo $metabase->pFetch( 'somek

Aws4c - C library to access Amazon S3 and SQS services

Believe it or not there is a growing demand C/C++ programs to access Amazon Web Services. This project grew out of that demand. This project is based on the conversion of my old HPC project to run on the Amazon EC2. To access the AWS services I needed a C. Unfortunately I couldn't find any, so I wrote my own. The code quality is mediocre; I wrote the whole thing pretty much in a single day. So, I wouldn't use it for anything more than a proof of concept projects unless it is heavily reworked to

Objanim - OBJ animations based on OBJ Loader

AnimObj class inherits from OBJModel class from OBJ Loader lib to add the feature of transforming the model, by manipulating its vertexes, in order to achieve the shape of another model. One example (a kind for what I've used it): I have an OBJ model of an opened hand, and I wish perform an animation in which the open hand become closed. For that, I've another OBJ, that is the closed hand model. So what I have to do is load the opened hand model with AnimObj class and use its methods to say "I w

Jaocbot - A Java Chat Lib + ChatBot for Age Of Conan

JAoCBot is a in java written library for Age of Conan. With that library you can easily develop your custom aoc bot. Or just use the default bot attached to the library. A Default Gui is implemented as well, you can send to all channels + sending and receiving private msges. Its developed with a plugin system so you can easily add new plugins to the bot, without modifying the base source code. Just implement the IAoCPlugin interface in your class and put it in the plugins folder. You will need a

Speutils - Thread management and message passing utils for linux on cell BE / playstation 3

This lib contains instance initiators for various types of posix threads to run the spe programs as well as a instance oriented message passing interface. A dma wrapper lib for the spe that can be included in spe programs either as static inline functions or as normal functions This lib contains some basic examples on how to use it with spe's This lib is currently in use by spu-medialib This lib is dependant on pthreads and libspe >= 2.2 DISCONTINUED becase of removal of OtherOS in ps3-slim

Chiefphp - A simple and humble php deployment tool

You just found out that your baby project's deployment has grown out of rsync and scp. You can roll your own shell script, but you are too busy, and don't have that much time for it. You want something dead simple, lite, and easy to work with, and get this app out on any shared hosting server asap. Inspired by Capistrano from Rails Camp, ChiefPHP is a simpler, yet effective tool designed to lower your deployment management cost. ChiefPHP provides a set of pre-implemented Commands, such as run, r