PlayStation2 Linux Development

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PlayStation2 Linux Development



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Pois0nhack - ECL1PS3 fails

In case you hav'nt noticed HackForums fags(ECL1PS3, This site is fake lmao)

Startupsecurity - Templates for start-up projects based on Java, .NET and PHP.

New Members Wanted: Java developers .NET developers PHP developers Designer Technical writer Start-up SecurityGoogle group: ( What Is New?We are participated in HackDay #9 (St. Petersburg, Russia). Our team has 4 members. What is StartUpSecurity project?StartUpSecurity project is repository for application templates. The templates can be used by for start-up projects for implementing of application security. The tare

Lg-tv-command - Send a command to an LG TV via serial port.

DescriptionLG TV has a serial port for sending commands. This small utility allows you to do just that, from command-line. Right now, it has most common commands and accepts a command-name and (enum)value. It retrieves the current value when value is omitted. Requirements / compatibilityYou just need GCC and some standard headers, I think. You need to change /dev/tty.usbserial in the sourcecode to your serial port device. It is currently only tested on OS X. Throw me a diff if you get it to comp

Ps3sx - Original PCSX port on PS3 By Anonymous

What about PS3SX ? PS3SX the ps3 port of pcsx the great psone emulator with a working powerpc dynarec and patch for enable ram execution of code NX-BIT hack please dont release any broken version on wild it's useless try to respect my wich thank the most part of this project is supported by Information About PCSX This project is only for ps3 dont ask any support to official's pcsx team if you have any question contact me via google code :) to build this emulator you will nee

Littlebluegame - JavaME (MIDP2.0 platform game)

Suggested tasks posted on was to release a game to open source for the graphic artist community to edit/add graphics to the game to morph the game. Enjoy, PS coders, please feel free on improving the game... Was just a quick hack ;)

Hkd - Detecting Hardware Keyloggers

This project contains the proof of concept code, belonging to the presentation "Detecting Hardware Keyloggers" of Fabian Mihailowitsch ( The code implements different techniques to detect and defeat PS/2 hardware keyloggers via software on a linux system. For details see the presentation. This package currently only contains the code for PS/2 hardware keyloggers. The code for USB hardware keyloggers might follow later...

Gnu4psp - A collection of open source software port for PSP

This project tends to collect PSP port of open source software. I want it to be a distribution of opensource softwares specified for PSP. Porject Progress The first option added to this project is Nano-X (micrwindows formaly) for PSP. It is based on Yale Huang's work( Currently, samples like mine and t1demo can run under PSP after tiny hack. Means that you can use both Nano-X or Win32-style APIs to develop your own GUI app for PSP. Following

Openaxis - opensource project for DIY ps3sixaxis controller interpretation

Update: 10 November 2011So upon my endeavor of implementing Qt as a GUI I determined it would be a lot easier and more efficient to use the Windows API. It may perhaps be more tedious to have the GUI elements how you want, but it just feels more streamline and faster. Some of the major things I finally got working is the function that listens to the controller and captures the reports is in its own thread. The code is in no way complete I just figured I'd post updates as they come along. If anyo

Distorm - Powerful Disassembler Library For x86/AMD64

IntroductionWelcome to the diStorm3 binary stream disassembler library project! No more parsing strings! - diStorm3 is really a decomposer, which means it takes an instruction and returns a binary structure which describes it rather than static text. diStorm3 is now available for commercial use here.NewsApr 9th 2012: A major release of diStorm3.2 is now available. Fixed many instructions, either operand accuracy problems or typos in mnemonics. Fixed a few bugs introduced in July 2011. Added new


This Mathematica notebook is a quick hack to get some of the cool indexing functionality of the pandas package for python. It essentially creates a kind of expression called pandasSeries that can be sliced like in R. It needs to be cleaned up. So far I have only implemented series and not the pane data structure. The code in here isn't meant to be terribly efficent but instead is a proof of concept. Mathematica doesn't have any iterator design pattern and so I've written a bit of a hack to get