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The Sony(R) Playstation(tm) 2 Development Group.



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Minimalist PSPSDK

WinXP, Vista, Win7, linux, OpenSolaris native port of the BSD PSPSDK (, with freely distributable import libraries and header files (DevPaks) for building cross compiled homebrew Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) applications.

Macaroni61 - Microcontroller development platform for ATtiny861

the plugThe Macaroni61 dev board is aimed to provide easy task automation via the PS/2 serial interface. It will be capable of flashing code, and accessing data from the SD card. The PS/2 link will allow the Macaroni61 board to output info to any PC text program, as well as control software through hotkey/macro sequences. A separate PS/2 port will allow data to be input to the ATtiny for both relay and macro functions. features to include:-ATtiny861 in socket -3 hardware pushbuttons -two program

Ctk-dev - A C/C++ toolkit library for multi-core programming on the Cell/B.E.

CTK (Cell Tool Kit) is a library which provides portable and basic C/C++ APIs for parallel programming on the Cell/B.E. Processor. CTK is intended to improve software development productivity on the Cell/B.E., and provide variety of 'almost mandatory' APIs for programming on the Cell/B.E. The base-level APIs include SPE execution control, multi-core synchronization primitives, SPE overlay task primitives and several miscelaneous helper routines. CTK enables 'write once, run on any Cell machine',

Php-logger-extension - A php logging framework

Php LoggerThis project is a php logging framework that uses the apache's log4cxx library as a php extension. The main purpose of this project is to build a replacement for the log4php logging framework. When using the log4php your application will need to parse and load the whole framework on every request, the application needs to pay this cost even when the logger is configured to a low level of verbosity (like FATAL or ERROR) and this will also affect the application performance in production

Pspemu - D PSP Emulator Site: Current version is r302MotivationThis project aims making an emulator using D language. I started it in order to practice D, use D features and learn about the PSP hardware and software. It pretends to be a simple but somehow pretty-fast interpreted implementati

Jedi-obi - Java Enhanced Directory Interface / OBject Intelligence

Any question ? Here the HomeUkVersion Le package JEDI-OBI (Java Enhanced Directory Interface/OBject Intelligence) a été développé afin de faciliter l’utilisation de la librairie standard JNDI (Javax Naming Directory Interface) permettant entre autre les accès aux bases LDAP/Active Directory. JEDI apporte des fonctionnalités complémentaires comme un pool de connexions, une gestion de listes d’attributs, une recherche par approximation (av

Lg-tv-command - Send a command to an LG TV via serial port.

DescriptionLG TV has a serial port for sending commands. This small utility allows you to do just that, from command-line. Right now, it has most common commands and accepts a command-name and (enum)value. It retrieves the current value when value is omitted. Requirements / compatibilityYou just need GCC and some standard headers, I think. You need to change /dev/tty.usbserial in the sourcecode to your serial port device. It is currently only tested on OS X. Throw me a diff if you get it to comp

monolithpsp is a 3D tetris like game for the sony PSP

Monolith is a 3D tetris like game for the sony PSP (PlayStation Portable). It is written using the PSPSDK, found at The game features a "classic tetris" gameplay mode, as well as other modes.

Htooy - Sword Bamboo

This is the code Ladon.Q container. PHP探针 2009-12-15:添加了网���的显示(感谢GDTV的代�帮助) 2009-12-13晚:添加了php默认支�函数的相关信� 2009-12-13:完善了CPU信�,添加了一些php信� 2009-10-24:在页脚添加了代�执行时间的回显 2009-07-28:在iprober的基础上,增删了部分代� 系统信�实时查看 工具简介 本工具使用PHP语言编写,用Json+Ajax的方�, 使系统相关信�达到无刷新实时回显的目的. 这个

Psptoolkit - Precompiled PSP Toochain with latest updates and libraries

PSPToolKit is a new precompiled PSP Toolchain for Windows. Other precompiled toolchains aren't often updated. This one always has the latest updates and also a enormous collection of libraries which are ready to use. FEATURES:Runs directly from the command line Easily integrates with commonly used IDEs (code::blocks, netbeans, eclipse, Visual Studio, etc.) You don't need Cygwin of mSys to get this working. Has fast libraries since it uses the latest versions of libraries. Starter PackContains: P

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