Personal Rapid Transit Simulation

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The PRT project maintains simulators and models for Personal Rapid Transit and related systems. Although focused on the advancement of PRT, the simulations and models are likely applicable to any form of mass transit or personal transit.



Related Projects

Prt-sim - Personal Rapid Transit simulator

Simulator for Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems. Its main purpose is to serve as a testbed for PRT control systems. See the Wiki for more information. Currently in alpha stage development.

Illumina PRT

Research Project

Portgrep - Tool for finding string in FreeBSD ports tree

portgrep is a tool that can help to analize existing FreeBSD ports and how they use different variables and etc. It is similar to this command: find /usr/ports/ -name Makefile -exec grep -H STRING {} \\;Installationfetch current version of portgrep extract it change directory make make install UsageFor example I want to know were and how Boost's shared_prt library is used: portgrep Makefile shared_ptrOutput: Found in: /usr/ports/devel/libopkele/MakefileBUILD_DEPENDS= ${LOCALBASE}/include/boost/s

Kies - Krakatoa Import/Export for Softimage

KieS is a plug-in for Autodesk® Softimage® which supports writing of the PRT file format used with Thinkbox Software's volumetric particle renderer Krakatoa™.

H2k - Exports data from Houdini to the Krakatoa PRT format.

A simple SOP for exporting data from Houdini to the Krakatoa PRT format. Krakatoa provides both volumetric and particle rendering. A helpful approach to increasing the quality of a render is provided in the "Fighting The Grainy Look" page within their user documentation. Tested with Houdini 11 on 64-bit Ubuntu Lynx, Windows 7, and Leopard.

M2k - maya to krakatoa

Repo has been moved to Ortholab Maya file export plugin to export particle data as .PRT format. Load it into Maya. Select the particle shape node, Dynamics/Particle or nParticle. Export Selection Link on CreativeCrash.

Carte-mere-prt - Amélioration de la carte mère du drone INSA Strasbourg

L'INSA Strasbourg développe un drone. Notre PRT (Projet de Recherche Technologique) a pour but d'améliorer la carte mère ainsi que les algorithmes de vol du drone.

Screen-snapper - Windows screenshot utility, saves JPG files with a press of the PrtScreen button.

Snapper enables you to make screenshots easily. To make a screenshot, press 'PrtSc' (the PrintScreen key). The screenshot will be saved automatically in a JPG file. You can have Snapper halve the size of the screenshot, to save space, or have it overlay text on it. It also automatically puts the date and time in the filename of the screenshot. On the 'All snaps' page you will see an overview of all the screenshots in the folder you chose for storing your screenshots. This will default to the fol

P-r-t - practica

no es mas que una practica!

Ortholab - Ortholab

WARNINGBecause of the firewall of our country, I can't access hg repe anymore, so I decided to move this site to Ortholab at CodePlex. OrtholabHolds tiny open-sourced solution for computer graphics. ContactBlog Project ListSome RenderMan shaders. Artist Friendly Marschner Hair Some mental ray shaders. Car Paint Metallic Paint Export particle from Maya to Krakatoa. PRT Translator Meshless fluid system. Flow Mesh smoother for Maya. Mesh Relaxation Deformer Cage deformer for Maya. Deformer