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ProxyChecker checks a list of proxies if them are online. It also checks some hosting sites if you can download with those proxies. It can be very useful along with download managers.



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Linkchecker features: - recursive and multithreaded checking and site crawling - output in colored or normal text, HTML, SQL, CSV, XML or a sitemap graph in different formats - HTTP/1.1, HTTPS, FTP, mailto:, news:, nntp:, Telnet and local file links support - restrict link checking with regular expression filters for URLs - proxy support - username/password authorization for HTTP, FTP and Telnet

Jfreeproxylist - Aplicación Java para descargar una lista actualizada de Servidores Proxy Anonimos

Aplicación Java para la descarga de una lista actualizada de Servidores Proxy Anónimos. Inicialmente la descarga de servidores se hace desde el sitio Se hace uso de la librería Apache httpclient para parsear el sitio y obtener la lista de servidores proxy. Espero que a alguien le sea de utilidad y se anime a dar recomendaciones, mejoras en el código o sugerencias de nuevos sitios para parsear y obtener la lista de servidores pr

Google-api-spelling-java - A Java API for Google spell checking service

IntroductionThis is a simple Java API that makes it very easy to call Google's spell checker service from Java applications. How to use it?Below is a simple example that demonstrate it's usage. SpellChecker checker = new SpellChecker(); SpellResponse spellResponse = checker.check( "helloo worlrd" ); for( SpellCorrection sc : spellResponse.getCorrections() ) System.out.println( sc.getValue() );This will print all the corrections available for the text "helloo worlrd". It is also possible to set m

Check-proxy - c module for perl, using to check if a ip is proxy

it's a c module for perl, we can use this module to check if a ip:port is a valid proxy. there is a queue in the module, and using mutex to control the thread, so it's thread safe. #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; #use lib "./module"; use ExtUtils::testlib; use ProxyChecker; #my $tmp_arr = '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '

Seo Proxy

Seo Proxy is a proxy fetcher and checker. Project is intended to create ultimate tool to get proxies from websites and build quality lists.

Ggrep - Powerful Grep & Replace Tool (Windows)

Powerful Grep & Replace ToolWhat is itThis is a GREP & REPLACE tool. Using this tool you can search or replace specified string in text files (source code, logging, or any other text file) for a certain string. FeaturesSupport regex, file match, folder match and Encoding auto detect(especially for Japanese). The Results can shown in listview with matched string highlighted. Result file can be opened with specified text editor. You can also save the result to a csv file, so you can edit it in EXC

Proxies-checker - Web Proxies Easy As Ever

Application permettant de vérifier et utiliser des proxys web facilement :) Proxies Checker nécessite .NET Framework 4 téléchargeable à l'adresse suivante : Checker Homepage : Checker sur Facebook :

Iwebs - Free Open Source Web-Publishing Platform for Bloggers.

Download it here - Create your Free Blog at - Demo - Iwebs is a web-publishing platform (based on world's best open source blogging software) with a keen focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. Iwebs is free for anyone who wish to express his/her thoughts online. Follow the three easy steps below to start blogging in minutes. Or, for the ultimate in ease of use, get a free blog on iwebs.

Changechecker - If you have to know when a site updates, this application is there for you

Originally made to "cheat" (don't even know if it's cheating) at Lockerz PTZ Place but extended to work on every site. Simply enter the site URL, maybe some proxies for increased speeds (checks 5 times per minute per URL) and you're off. MIT licensed, spread how you like, but please say where you got it. Directions: # Download and unzip the files (see downloads section). # Open ChangeChecker.jar # Enter real URL and a list of urls of that same site trough various proxies. (you can open the URL l

Nk-nst - Nk's Net Security Tools

Nk's Net Security Tools est une application pour la prévention des faille de sécurité d'un serveur. Proxies Checker nécessite .NET Framework 4 téléchargeable à l'adresse suivante : Nk's Net Security Tools Homepage : Nk's Net Security Tools sur Facebook :