ProudMonkey MessageBox Controls for WebForms

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The customize MessageBox, ConfirmBox and FrameBox controls for ASP.NET WebForms was designed in which developers can easily prompt a message in the page whether they use it via server or client side without having much code and to present a user friendly message to end users.



Related Projects


ExtraMessageBox is an extension of the Windows API function MessageBox(). It lets you create popup message boxes that additionally feature a checkbox for quot;Do not show againquot; or quot;Remember my choicequot;.

Messageboxes - Message Boxes

This is a Javascript library for the creation of Message Boxes in a div over our page. this is a beta version.


InformationBox is a flexible alternative to the default MessageBox included in the System.Windows.Forms namespace.

Directorymonitor - Monitors a directory for creating, changing, deleting files.

Directory Monitor (DM)DM works on .Net platform for watching directories for creating, changing, deleting files. On different events can be defined different activities: email, messagebox, and other notifications, or mirroring...

ASP.NET Alerts

Alerts, messageboxes, confirm buttons that can be used in ASP.NET and used from client-side code as well as server-side code.

Simple but Cool Silverlight Message Boxes (Info, Error, Confirm, etc.)

Simple but presentable message boxes for Silverlight developers. Designed for ease of integration with existing projects.

WPF MessageBox

WPF MessageBox is an implementation of a fully customizable MessageBox in WPF which has the exact same interface as the standard MessageBox class. Customizing the message box is done by using styles and control templates.

Pygame-ui - UI Component Framework for Pygame

A user interface component framework for python and pygame. Includes individual components currently in development such as Button, ImageBox, TextLabel, MessageBox, InputBox, Panel, etc. Larger components would be developed on top of the basic existing components. Internal event handling system is supported by UIComponentCollection. Project homepage:

Managed-xmessagebox - .NET wrapper for Hans Dietrich's XMessageBox open source code

Translations NeededPlease read this : Managed XMessageBoxManaged XMessageBox is a .NET wrapper which is built on Hans Dietrich's XMessageBox open source code. XMessageBox is a very customizable messagebox including many "button combinations", "background and text color", "don't ask me checkbox", "message window position" and more. The most important thing is XMessageBox does not divide message text lines without your permission