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ProTest stands for Prioritized tests. It is an intelligent test ordering tool.



Related Projects

Crowdup - To gather a crowd on a map quickly and easily

The aim of the project is to offer a tool for people to materialize their protestations on a google map. The platform also offer the possibility for everybody to join a protestation.The interface is very simple and there is no registration process (people are recognized thanks to a cookie).

Wranglerintegration - Integration of the open source Wrangler Erlang refactor tool to Eclipse

The goal of this project is to integrate the Wrangler Erlang refactoring tool with Eclipse/Erlide. This project is part of the ProTest Property Based Testing project. Project source changes:

Spotd - free retweet service that will check for any replies for the specific account and then retwe

Spotd is my try at creating a real time communication service for the people in cities and towns across the world. I spend a lot of time walking around Chicago and see interesting things happen all the time - the tamale guys, people getting arrested, car accidents, buildings on fire, bank robbery, protests and other news-worthy things. I tweet about them, but I wanted to create something to give people a common source of communication throughout their city and everyday life that would enable the

Messenj - A free, portable and open source messenger

Cos'è MessenJ?MessenJ è un messenger Open Source scritto da noi che, per ora, supporta solo il protocollo MSN. Nella data in cui questo documento è scritto (10/11/09) il programma è in sviluppo Alpha 0.0.01. Cioè significa che il source code è in scrittura. Ci auguriamo di rilasciare una versione beta il più presto possibile. Perchè usare MessenJ?Ovviamente per ora MessenJ avrà poche funzioni. Tuttavia ci auguriamo di renderlo ricco di plug-in e funzioni, magari anche grazie ai nostri c

Campaigns - a web site that keep information about campaigns and launch others in the market

scope: manage the essencial forms, like states and cities, record people information(users), and the main focus of the site, keep a database of politician's information, their promises, actions, contacts, providing an easy way to reach them. Provide an enviroment to set up meetings of protest.

Stl-2nd-wave - The Underground HuSTLes in St. Louis

These crews, bands, and solo artist gently and not-so-gently apply pressure against increasingly confining expectations in area hip-hop. Some profess, others protect, and a few protest. All are dope.

Hearsay-cs194 - Collaborative photo sharing and gossiping of the local community.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Stop talking and start showing! Share your story or unique occurrence in Berkeley or any campus, for that matter, to the student population. Users can upload or email in photos of campus personalities, protesters, hippies, the popular girl, or the campus jock at their finest moments. Viewers are welcome to comment with their insight or link to other relevant photos. Rank the hottest girl. The most "granola" Berkeleyan. Most awkward geek.

Pointset - A research project trying to find new representations to points in an n-dimensional space

DescriptionThe pointet data structure is to be a template class designed to store within it a general number of points in any n-dimensional space. Points are inserted in such a way where they are sorted by their proximity, allowing fast spacial queries. Authors: Jeremy Y. Kaminski , Erez Sayag, Avraham Shavit. This project is licensed under the GNU public license v3. See for details. For further details refer to the project wiki. Protest against software p

Somamvc - Flash MVC Framework written in AS3

What is Soma?Soma is a Flash MVC Framework (open source) written in AS3 to help you to create your projects by automating common processes, such as loading, structure, pages, assets, and a lot more. What is SomaUI?SomaUI is a AIR-Java tool that is generating sources: the draft of a Flash site based on the Soma framework, ready to use and be taken to a further development. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. DevelopmentSoma MVC is an open source project and SomaUI, if not open source, is comple