Prosper: high quality slides in LaTeX

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Prosper is a LaTeX class aiming at offering an environment for writing high-quality slides for both printing an displaying with a video-projector. It offers many features for lively presentations, such as incremental display.



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Prosperowinform - simple winform app that displays listings

Parses and displays listings and sets a reminder to bid before the listings expire

Triumph-lib - Automatic CRUD Library Built Off of Prosper

An automatic CRUD system for PHP supporting multiple backends by leveraging prosper-lib (

Xtracks - XTracks Affiliate Tracking Platform for PHP

XTracks: The Xtremely Simple & Free PPC Profitability TrackerXTracks is an affiliate campaign tracking platform originally based off of Prosper202 ( Our goals in extending this software: Provide a simpler platform for integrating third party code and external data Improve the performance and scalability of the tracking component Lower the barriers to code contribution from outside developers Continually improve the quality of the platform through benchmarking, QA review, refactor

Latexslides - A package for generation of presentations in LaTeX using Python code.

What Is Latexslides?Latexslides is a tool that allows you to write slides in Python: each slide is a Python object, and a talk is a list of such objects. This list can converted to LaTeX beamer or prosper code. One can compose talks by importing slide objects from Python modules and hence reuse individual slides. Latexslides simplifies many of the constructions in LaTeX beamer. For example, a figure can be placed to the right, left, under or over a bullet list by simply specifying its position a


Prosper is a web application development framework to augment Prolog applications with a web interface. It supports control flow in visual logic and promotes a clear separation of model from view.

Prosperonair - AIR client

Prosper client built with Adobe AIR to visualize the lending and borrowing environment of

Littledudes - A 3D AI game written in C# with cute little people

Culture your dudes into a well-balanced, prosperous society! Teach your dudes the arts of wisdom, fitness and of course love Inspire your dudes to achieve and be great dudes, exploring land, conquering foes, and mating like rabbits. Lead your dudes into battle, to take on foes of disproportional strength in terrifying battles.

Sbonu - Sim and game for modelling and playing with meme propagation.

This is a simple game to allow immersive experience of meme propagation in a simulated field of crude NPCs. Currently it consists of a 2D game space with edge-wrap wherein "food" grows and numerous "NPCs" wander around eating it. These NPCs can clone themselves through a sort of mitosis, and they can "die" by running out of food (it "costs" food to move.) Already with this simple model we got population fluctuations as the NPCs reproduce, overeat, starve off, then grow again as the food supply r

Orionrise - Online Browser-based Science Fiction / Post Apocalyptic strategy game

Some time in the future the Earth is facing imminent destruction for the second time since the time a major meteorite crushed on earth and extinguished almost all life on Earth. Facing this major problem and having very little time the combined force of Earth’s scientists came up with a plan to create huge spaceships that will practically seed this part of the galaxy with human life. The player is taking the place of one of those space-pod captain and wakes up the minute that his pod lands on